Hawker 800XP Jet Exterior
Hawker 800XP Jet Interior


8 Passengers

49 Baggage Capacity

514 Airspeed

2,840 Range

6 Cabin Width

5.9 Cabin Height

21.4 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

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The Hawker 800 is a best-selling midsize business jet known by its three variants, the Hawker 750, the 850, and the 900. By offering long-range flexibility, a spacious cabin, and low operating costs, the Hawker 800 has become a favorite midsize jet and jet charter favorite.

Initially manufactured by the Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, the original Hawker series of jets was built through 2012. The Hawker Beechcraft company was sold to Textron Aviation the next year. All models, including 800XP, 850XP, and 900XP final models, ceased new production as of 2013.  Currently, there are no plans to reintroduce new manufacturing of the 800 lines of jets.

There are many Hawker 800’s still flying across the US today.

Hawker 800 XP Midsize Private Jet Charters

In 2004 the Raytheon Aircraft Company announced an upgraded version of its Hawker 800 midsize jet and named it the Hawker 800XP. It has improved avionics, increased baggage capacity, user-friendly 15-inch touch screens, LED interior cabin lighting, and an updated cabin management system. This midsize jet has seating for nine up to  11 passengers depending upon configuration.

Hawker 800 XP Specifications

  • The typical seating configuration for upgraded Hawker Models, including the 800XP, is eight passengers.
  • There is six square, oval windows on each side of the measured height 5’9” interior cabin.
  • The cabin length is 21″ 4′ and the interior cabin width is 6″.
  • The maximum cruising speed of the Hawker 800 is 447 Ktas, and the maximum range is 2,595 nm (nautical miles).

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