Hawker 750 Jet Exterior
Hawker 750 Jet Interior


8 Passengers

79 Baggage Capacity

514 Airspeed

2,050 Range

6 Cabin Width

5.75 Cabin Height

21.3 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

In 2006 Raytheon Aircraft Company (RAC) announced the development of the Hawker 750 model for the midsize jet markets. Forty-nine Hawker 750 midsize jets were produced from  2008 through 2012.

The charter Hawker 750 has a range of 2,100 nm NBAA IFR range airplane with four passengers. This midsize jet was positioned with the largest cabin in the light-mid size aircraft segment. It has the same cabin as the Hawker 800 series but with a heated external baggage compartment with 32 cubic feet of additional baggage capacity bringing its total to 79 cubic feet.

The Hawker 750 cabin measured 5.9′ in height and 6.0′ wide,  superior in comfort and size to other aircraft in the light-mid size category.

The airplane uses the Honeywell TFE731-5BR engine to climb climbs to 37,000 feet in 19 minutes. It is equipped with the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics package.  Although not many were produced, the Hawker 750 charter is available from JetOptions.

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