Gulfstream V

Gulfstream V Jet Exterior
Gulfstream V Jet Interior


14 Passengers

226 Baggage Capacity

490 Airspeed

6250 Range

7.3 Cabin Width

6.2 Cabin Height

50.1 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Premier Private Jet Charter

As a premium corporate jet charter, the Gulfstream GV (also known as the Gulfstream V) is the world’s first ultra-long-range business jet. The GV has the ability to fly non-stop for 6,250 nautical miles. Your business jet charter can fly nonstop from San Francisco to Moscow, London to Singapore, or New York to Tokyo.

Superior Corporate Jet Charter

The Gulfstream V, a top choice when it comes to private jet charters, falls into the heavy jet category. This corporate jet charter typically seats 13 passengers but can be configured to fit up to 19 passengers. The stand-up (6.2 feet high) cabin is 50.1 feet long and is usually partitioned into three separate areas. An external baggage compartment can hold 226 cubic feet of baggage, or up to 2,500 pounds, and is accessible via the cabin in-flight when flying at or above 40,000 feet. Additional storage compartments are located under each seat. For the convenience of your business jet charter, standard cabin amenities include a full-sized galley, which is equipped for hot and cold food preparation. The galley also has a sink with running water.

Everything You Need for Business Jet Charter

The cabin of this private jet charter also has power outlets for office equipment, foldout worktables, and separate lavatories for the passengers and the crew. The Gulfstream GV ceased production in 2002 and was succeeded by the Gulfstream G500. You can charter a Gulfstream GV from JetOptions Private Jets.

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