Gulfstream IV Jet Exterior
Gulfstream IV Jet Interior


12-14 Passengers

169 Baggage Capacity

505 Airspeed

3,880 Range

7.3 Cabin Width

6.1 Cabin Height

45.1 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Gulfstream IV

As the fourth installation in the Gulfstream family line, the GIV, also known as the Gulfstream IV, offers many new advancements, such as the updated avionics suite. Compared to the GIII, the GIV, and GIV-SP, all popular corporate jet charters, the Gulfstream IV series has gained 4.5 feet in usable interior space.

Gulfstream IV Heavy Private Jet Charter

This premier business charter maintains the Gulfstream’s famous stand-up cabin. The interior of this premier private jet charter has a length of 45.1 feet, a width of 7.3 feet, and a full standing height of 6.1 feet. Typically, twelve to fourteen passengers can be accommodated on the Gulfstream IV comfortably.

Gulfstream IV Interior & Flight Specifications

As a leading option for corporate jet charters, the Gulfstream IV is a luxury private jet charter with a range of 3,880 nautical miles and an airspeed of 505 knots.  Amenities include a large galley and full-sized lavatory, as well as an on-board shower for long-range flights.

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