Gulfstream G600 Jet Exterior
Gulfstream G600 Jet Interior


13-19 Passengers

175 Baggage Capacity

729 Airspeed

6,600 Range

7.7 Cabin Width

6.2 Cabin Height

45.2 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

The Gulfstream G600 has a wide range, flying from New York to Paris in under seven hours. The cabin offers the most comfort in business aviation and is one of the quietest airplanes on the market. Its fourteen windows provide natural lighting, and it includes multiple multimedia tools. A Gulfstream G600’s cabin features four distinct seating areas and can carry up to 19 passengers. With this impressive range, it’s an excellent choice for long-haul trips.

G600 Interior

The cabin on the Gulfstream G600 offers exceptional visibility and sound quality. It features the lowest cabin altitude in its class. The aircraft also features 100% fresh air, reducing exhaustion and promoting mental alertness. Enjoy 100 percent fresh air and the lowest cabin altitude in the industry while looking out on this aircraft’s fourteen windows. Charter the Gulfstream G600 from JetOptions Private Jets.

Gulfstream G600 Jet Charter

This ultra-modern aircraft has award-winning interior and flight deck features. The plane’s four-cabin zones and fourteen windows provide a comfortable private environment. It has enough range to connect major city pairs and is equipped with the latest technological advances to help travelers feel comfortable and safe. Aside from its outstanding performance and luxury, the Gulfstream G600 is also one of the most fuel-efficient private jets on the market.

G600 Specs & Range

Gulfstream Aerospace manufactures G600 heavy jets. Depending on the configuration, they seat thirteen to nineteen passengers, and the G600 range is 6,600 nautical miles. It has a High-Cruise speed of Mach 0.90 with a cruise altitude of 41,000 ft (with a maximum cruising altitude of 51,000 ft). The Gulfstream G600 is a high-end business jet with award-winning interior design and state-of-the-art technology. The aircraft offers a wide range of options and is perfect for traveling for business or with family and friends. Its modern cabin has a maximum capacity of 19 passengers and many amenities to enhance passenger comfort.

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