Gulfstream G550 Jet Exterior
Gulfstream G550 Jet Interior


12-16 Passengers

226 Baggage Capacity

490 Airspeed

6,490 Range

7.3 Cabin Width

6.2 Cabin Height

50.1 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Gulfstream G550 

Gulfstream’s G550 large-cabin heavy jet is a record-setting ultra-long-range private jet charter. Less than two weeks after entering service, a G550 flew nonstop from Seoul, South Korea, to Orlando, Florida. This flight reached 7,301 nautical miles (13,521 km) in 14.5 hours and set a new city-pair record. This version of the GV-SP jet would establish 40 city-pair travel records in its first five years of service.

Gulfstream G550 Private Jet Charters 

The Gulfstream G550 is a popular choice for business jet charter flights with its long-range of 6,750 nm (12,501 km) at Mach 0.80 and a high-speed cruise capability of Mach 0.87. The G550 easily links Washington, D.C., with Dubai with its expanded flight reach. Fly from London to Singapore or from Tokyo to Paris. Many international destinations are in range for the convenience of our clients. 

Gulfstream Heavy Jet Charters

As one of our top private jet charters, the Gulfstream G550 features the latest Head-Up Display technology integrated with the next-generation Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II. The innovative technology of this corporate jet charter captures pictures of the environment. It presents the pilot with a clear view of runway markings, taxiways, and surrounding terrain at night or in the worst weather conditions. The cabin aboard the G550 connects productivity with exceptional comfort. It features four distinct living areas, three temperature zones, and many floorplan configurations with seating for up to 18 passengers.

G550 Specifications

  • The maximum Flight Range is 6,750 Nautical Miles (N.M.).
  • This aircraft’s maximum international flight range combination is 8 passengers and 4 crew members.  
  • Maximum Cruising Speed is Mach .85. 
  • Typical seating onboard the G550 is between 14 and18 passengers. 
  • The jet has a 100% fresh air ventilation system and is pressurized to a maximum of 6,000 feet to decrease jet lag and fatigue. 
  • 14 of Gulfstream’s signature oval windows for lots of natural light.  

Owned by sports stars, teams, and corporations – This aircraft is a top choice for cross-country and transocean charter flights. The plane is flight certified in 55 countries, and it has completed more than 500,000 takeoff and landings. As of 2020, there were 600+ G550 jets in service around the globe.

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