Gulfstream G500 Jet Exterior
Gulfstream G500 Jet Interior


18 Passengers

226 Baggage Capacity

508 Airspeed

5,620 Range

7.3 Cabin Width

6.2 Cabin Height

50.10 Cabin Length

Fully Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Gulfstream G500

The charter Gulfstream G500 offers world-class comfort and features in the cockpit and cabin. The active control sidesticks and touchscreen avionics interfaces are available for easy operation and control. A fully windowed mid-cabin bulkhead and advanced Cabin Management System provide a high-quality experience for passengers on board. The aircraft can reach a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet, perfect for long-haul flights. Gulfstream’s famous business jet announced its 100th plane delivery of this model in 2021.

G500 Corporate Jet Charter

The Gulfstream G500’s cabin is large and spacious, with ten standard seats. The cabin has a three-person sofa, a big TV mounted on a credenza, and 27-inch articulating leather seats. Each passenger has a touchscreen interface that appears on a discreet panel or bulkhead. The cabin also has a remote control for lighting, temperature, and media, accessed from the central console. The cabins aboard each G500 combine productivity with exceptional relaxation for our clients’ comfort and convenience. The signature oval windows provide ample sunlight and a continuous supply of 100 percent fresh air throughout the cabin, which keeps all passengers aboard your business jet charter comfortable on long flights.

G500 Specs & Range

The G500 is a heavy jet that typically seats up to 18 passengers and is a leading choice for corporate jet charters. This premium business jet charter has a range of 5,620 nautical miles, and it has a high cruise speed of 508 knots and a service ceiling of 43,000 feet. G500 is a super-large cabin, a long-range business jet introduced in 2014. It is a faster aircraft with a maximum range of 5,300 nautical miles (9,815 km). The G500 is efficiently rated for high speed of cruise of Mach 0.90, allowing it to travel eighteen percent farther with the same fuel over its predecessor, the G450. The new model has a price tag of $47.5 million, a reasonable price for a new plane of its size and range.

The Gulfstream G500 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 series turbofans with a maximum thrust of 15,144lb. The aircraft has a maximum operating Mach of 0.95 and a range of 8,519km at a speed of 488 knots. The aircraft can also fly at Mach 0.925; the maximum range is 5,000 nautical miles at that speed. In short, the Gulfstream G500 is a high-tech luxury aircraft that is perfect for business or leisure travelers alike.

G500 Business Jet Charter

With options for four distinct living areas, this private jet charter is the perfect choice for those seeking privacy during long flights. The corporate jet charter offers three separate temperature zones and a selection of available configurations to seat 19 passengers. Gulfstream G500 has many communication features, including wifi on many jets, printers, wireless LAN, satellite,  and more.

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