Gulfstream G200 Jet Exterior
Gulfstream G200 Jet Interior


9 Passengers

150 Baggage Capacity

488 Airspeed

3,130 Range

7.0 Cabin Width

6.25 Cabin Height

25.0 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 is a luxurious and spacious private jet that offers an impressive flight range. It’s ideal for both short and long-distance travel, making it a popular choice for domestic and international flights. The Gulfstream G200 (GII) was the first aircraft in the Super-Mid category manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace. Even after a decade, this jet still stands as one of the longest-range options in its class, providing a comfortable and lavish corporate travel experience.

This model is frequently utilized in corporate and charter operations along with their newest super-mid model, the G280.

Gulfstream G200 Private Jet Charter

The cabin of the G200 aircraft is spacious and luxurious, providing enough room for up to nine passengers in various seating arrangements. Its signature oval windows allow natural light to pour in, and the large interior space enables you to move around comfortably during your flight.

Whether you need to fly for business or leisure, this jet is a perfect choice. As a popular option for executive jet charter, the G200 provides ample seating, and selected floor plans have seating for 8 to 13 passengers. With a sizeable interior that includes a full-style lavatory, the Gulfstream II measures 7.3′ wide x 39.3′ long and has a cabin height of 6.2′ feet.

G200 Specifications

Our private jet charter services provide high-speed travel on a G200 with a maximum airspeed of 488 miles per hour and a range of up to 3,130 miles. Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306A engines power a climb to 37,000 feet in less than 20 minutes while meeting the strictest noise requirements.

Whether flying for business or pleasure, you can rely on our trusted aircraft to reach your destination. This super-mid business jet charter, the Gulfstream G200 offers a spacious cabin that is 7 feet wide with a stand-up height of 6.2 feet.


The G200 jet features a modern climate control system that enables independent adjustment of the climate in the cabin and cockpit. Additional climate adjustment mechanism supplies fresh air to the cabin instead of recirculating it, ensuring you can always breathe in a clean and refreshing atmosphere. The G200’s spacious cabin has plenty of storage, with 125 cubic feet of space available for baggage.

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