Global Express Jet Exterior
Global Express Jet Interior


13-19 Passengers

195 Baggage Capacity

513 Airspeed

6,055 Range

8.17 Cabin Width

6.25 Cabin Height

48 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Global Express XRS Private Jet Charter

The Bombardier Global Express has long been a popular aircraft choice for air travel. Its a flexible and elegantly appointed cabin, with 27 large windows and fresh air systems. The plane’s low cabin altitude reduces fatigue even on long flights. Its fuel efficiency is unbeatable, too. 

The Bombardier Global Express, a top choice for heavy and corporate jet charters, was launched in 2003. Bombardier improved its already successful Global Express when it introduced the upgraded XRS (now called the Global 6000) in January 2005. The Global Express XRS bears all of its ultra-long-range older sibling qualities but with a more excellent range and a modified design. Purchased new, the Global Express price was $45.5 million (US), and the XRS models were $58.5 million. 

Charter Bombardier Global XRS 

Bombardier’s Global XRS can fly long ranges, and its luxurious interiors make it a popular heavy jet charter in the market. Its spacious cabin interior comfortably accommodates 11 to 14, and 19 passengers. State-of-the-art facilities maximize the corporate jet experience. This elite aircraft’s convenient size and reliability make it a leading choice for long-range jet charters. Throughout the plane’s cabin, passengers are comfortable, and it is a pleasant place to work or relax. Two sets of club seats are included in the seating, as are workstations and a divan. The Bombardier Global Express XRS is one of the fastest aircraft available. With a range of 5,940 miles, it is an excellent choice for cross-country travel.

XRS Heavy Business Jet Charters

Chartered long-range heavy jets include an entryway with forward lavatory, crew rest area, and the galley. The three-zone configurations include club-style chairs, conference tables, divans, and forward-facing seats. Many luxurious interior arrangements of the Bombardier Global XRS are complimented by an aft stateroom, which provides for adjoining private amenities. Typical seating on this aircraft is 11-14 passengers, with some holding up to 19. 

Bombardier Global Express XRS Specifications

The Bombardier Global Express’s cabin is one of the largest heavy-business-jet categories, measuring just over 6’2″, eight feet wide, and 48.4 feet long. Its cabin volume is a massive 2,140 cubic feet. The Global Express has three separate living areas, a full galley, and two lavatories. Global Express XRS can reach 6,150 nautical miles at the cruising range, with an IFR maximum range of 6,500. The maximum speed (in knots) is 505 ktas, and the maximum altitude is 43,000 feet. 

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