Global 5000 Jet Exterior
Global 5000 Jet Interior


13 Passengers

194 Baggage Capacity

511 Airspeed

4,724 Range

8.2 Cabin Width

6.25 Cabin Height

42.4 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Global 5000

The Global 5000 is a long-range heavy business jet charter produced by Bombardier Aerospace. Capable of flying at Mach 0.85 to 0.89, this jet can sweep into first-class commercial airports and general aviation airfields inside of cities and remote areas. This ultra-fast premium business aircraft has a cruising speed just below sound speed.

Global 5000 Heavy Private Jet Charter

This large-cabin heavy jet is divided into zones with an entry containing the large galley. Global 5000 flight kitchens provide an oven, microwave, sink, coffee or espresso machine, ice drawer, and cold storage. The port-side entry cabin holds a forward lavatory, crew storage wardrobe, and an insulated door for galley and main cabin privacy.

The cabin of these private jet charters flies 8 to 16 passengers. Depending on the configuration, these jets can berth 7 passengers for in-flight rest. Customized interior layouts can include an office, stateroom, and conference-style areas. The Ultra Electronics active noise and the vibration-cancellation system ensure quiet conditions. A private rear lavatory has direct access to the baggage compartment, so your items are always close at hand.

Global 5000 Specifications

  • The flight Range of the Global 5000 Express is 5,200 nautical miles, and its related models of the Global Express XRS are 6,055 nm.
  • The 40.9′ feet-long cabin features an interior cabin height of 6’2″ for full standing height throughout.
  • The top Cruise Speed is Mach .89; the Average Cruise Speed is Mach .85; the Long Range Cruise Speed is Mach .85.
  • The Landing Distance is 2,207 feet in typical conditions, and the Takeoff Distance is 5,540 feet.

Fly into airports across the globe from Aspen to London City on this ten-windowed versatile business jet. JetOptions Private Jets charters these and all Global aircraft models. Call JetOptions today for your next booking and experience the Global 5000.

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