Falcon 900EX Jet Exterior
Falcon 900EX Jet Interior


12-14 Passengers

127 Baggage Capacity

482 Airspeed

4,500 Range

7.7 Cabin Width

6.2 Cabin Height

39.0 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Falcon 900EX

The Dassault Falcon 900 EX is a high-end, large cabin jet that provides an effortless travel experience for passengers on any charter flight duration.  It has a remarkable range and maximum payload capacities, which enables it to carry more passengers and luggage than comparable aircraft in its category. Due to its heavy jet classification, corporate jet charter clients often choose the Dassault Falcon 900EX. The 900EX has a classic trijet engine design, making it possible to use small airports at high altitudes, even on hot days. It can fly nonstop for 4,550 nautical miles, providing convenience to our clients who require long-range travel.

Dassault Falcon 900EX Private Jet Charter

The Falcon 900EX has a passenger cabin that is 39 feet long from the cockpit divider to the aft pressure bulkhead. It has a standard configuration that can seat fourteen people with double club seating and three-person divans. Each seat is adjustable to recline, swivel, and move along tracks for optimal passenger comfort. The cabin has 24 windows that provide natural lighting. The Falcon 900EX is a versatile business jet charter that is also one of the safest. It can fly slower on approach than its twinjet competitors. The flight deck is state-of-the-art and provides pilots with uncompromising capability to monitor and control the flight’s progression. The spacious, custom-crafted cabin allows passengers to perform at peak levels while en route.

Falcon 900EX Specifications

The Falcon 900EX boasts an impressive maximum payload capacity of 6,160 lbs, making it capable of transporting more passengers and luggage than competing aircraft in its class. Further, it outshone rivals in endurance performance and climb performance due to its longer wingspan and larger engines which enable it to cover greater distances more quickly than smaller aircraft.

This luxury private jet charter measures the cabin length of this business aircraft at 33 feet 2 inches from the cockpit divider to the aft pressure bulkhead, devoting 25 feet to passenger seating. It is a broad 7 feet 8 inches wide and 6 feet 2 inches high, so you move about smoothly with your head held high. Computers, wi-fi, video displays, and conference tables ensure productive flights. Supple leathers, glistening veneers, and soft, thick pile carpeting are standard. Fully equipped for multiple meals, the galley of the Falcon 900EX houses all the essentials for exceptional dining experiences, 45,000 feet in the air.

The Falcon 900 EX is known for its exceptional maximum landing weight-to-takeoff weight ratio, making it capable of using smaller airports while covering long distances without needing refueling stops – making it the ideal aircraft choice for charter flights requiring various destinations. The 900EX can fly up to 5,175 miles on low-speed missions or 4,940 miles on high-speed flights. Falcon 900EX and EASy models are available for charter at JetOptions Private Jets.

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