Falcon 7X Jet Exterior
Falcon 7X Jet Interior


12 Passengers

140 Baggage Capacity

430 Airspeed

5,950 Range

7.6 Cabin Width

6.2 Cabin Height

39.1 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Falcon 7X

The Falcon 7X is a heavy business jet produced by Dassault Aviation. Designed to fly long ranges, the 7X can reach 5,950 nautical miles, virtually linking all of the most sought-after city-pairs. Fully developed in a virtual environment, this second largest Falcon made its live debut at the Paris airshow in 2001. This private jet set flight records when it flew from New York’s Teterboro Airport and landed at London City Airport in 5 hours and 54 minutes. Purchased new, these jets sold for $54M (USD).

Dassault Falcon 7X Private Jet Charter

Whether you’re attending a corporate meeting or heading to a professional retreat, the long-range Falcon 7X  business jet charter will get you where you need to be. Flying at speeds of up to Mach .90, this agile plane gets you to your destination faster, and you arrive fresher.

This high-ceilinged and widebody executive jet features three spacious onboard lounge areas. Twenty-eight large windows provide ample natural lighting, and noise-limiting acoustics technology offers a relaxed, more productive travel experience. Housing 12 to 16 passengers, the generous interiors of the Falcon 7X allow for work and rest in-flight.

Beyond the cabin features, the 7X offers a cutting-edge environmental system. At the height of 41,000 feet, the pressurized cabin calibrates to 3,950 feet, with freshly humidified and renewed air. Constant climate controls keep onboard temperatures to one degree of certainty.

Falcon 7X Specifications

This heavy private jet flies at 0.90 Mach Maximum Operating Speed (MMO), and its maximum range is 5,950 NM. This Falcon model has the tri-jet three-engine configuration – Two engines are mounted to the aircraft pod, and the third is attached to the fuselage above. The Dassault 7X series offers a widebody cabin, which is as generous in width as the Falcon 900EX at 7′ 8″ wide. The interior Ceilings are a full stand-up cabin height of 6′ 2″.

  • A Falcon 7X has a maximum cruising speed of 492 ktas (knots true airspeed).
  • The Flight Range of the Challenger 605 is up to 5,950 nautical miles nonstop.
  • The maximum Altitude is 40,215 feet. 
  • The Maximum Takeoff Weight is 70,000 lbs. 

7X Long-Range Heavy Private Jet Charter

The Falcon 7X is the first VIP business jet charter with a Digital Flight Control System. Pilots and passengers enjoy precise flight path control, automatic trim adjustments during configuration changes, and essential autopilot functions. Fly farther and faster nonstop with a 7X jet charter with the range to reach Paris to Tokyo.

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