Falcon 2000S Jet Exterior
Falcon 2000S Jet Interior


8-10 Passengers

134 Baggage Capacity

554 Airspeed

3,613 Range

7.7 Cabin Width

6.2 Cabin Height

31 Cabin Length

Fully enclosed aft Lavatory Style

Charter Falcon 2000S

The 2000S is built on the traditional and capable Falcon 2000 platform and inherits the same features as other models in the long-running Falcon 2000 series. Over 500 widebody aircraft are in service worldwide, making it one of the most successful twin-engine models in flight. The 2000S is capable of a 554 miles per hour airspeed and a range of 3,613.

Dassault Falcon 2000S Specifications

Dassault business jets model 2000S offers equal roomy cabin dimensions similar to the Falcon 2000. The maximum cabin width is 7.7 feet, with a cabin height of over six feet and an interior length of 31 feet. Expanded from the Falcon 2000, the standard seating configuration features a passenger capacity of 10.

Falcon 2000s Private Jet Charter

Alongside the new cabin space interior, the 2000S comes standard with the FalconCabin HD+ cabin system management. Lights, media, and interior temperatures are controlled via an application system and are viewed on 19-inch widescreen monitors. The Falcon 2000S is a modern and spacious private jet charter with many advantages. The aircraft offers a baggage capacity of 134 cubic feet for the comfort and convenience of its passengers.

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