Falcon 20

Falcon 20 Jet Exterior
Falcon 20 Jet Interior


9 Passengers

60 Baggage Capacity

475 Airspeed

2510 Range

6.1 Cabin Width

5.7 Cabin Height

24.4 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Luxury Business Jet Charter

The Falcon 20 is a premium midsize business jet charter. The Falcon 20 features a cabin, which measures 5.7 feet in height, 6.1 feet in width and 24 feet in length making it a comfortable yet condensed setting for any corporate business jet charter.

Top Private Jet Charter

This premier business jet charter is able to accommodate eight to ten passengers. The Falcon 20 has a space, which can be configured in either a double-club arrangement or a club-divan-individual combo, depending on the needs of your corporate jet charter. As a leading choice for all private jet charters, the Falcon 20 offers a seamless airspeed of 475 miles per hour and a range of 2,510 nautical miles.

Premier Corporate Jet Charter

In 1985, Dassault closed the Falcon 20 production line, offering the Falcon 200 in its place. Some 486 Falcon 20s had been built and most remained in service. This private jet charter features a forward galley and a full style lavatory all for the comfort and convenience of its elite passengers. You can charter the Falcon 20, a superior business jet charter, from JetOptions.

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