Citation XLS Jet Exterior
Citation XLS Jet Interior


7-9 Passengers

87 Baggage Capacity

429 Airspeed

1,539 Range

5.6 Cabin Width

5.8 Cabin Height

18.7 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Citation XLS

The Cessna Citation XLS from the Cessna 560 platform is recognized as one of the best-selling business jets ever in production. First introduced in 1994 as the Citation Excel, it made its first-ever flight in 1996. The upgraded XLS model was introduced in 2004, and the latest edition Citation XLS+ planes rolled out in 2006. The Citation XLS is one of the most popular business jets in existence. With its spacious cabin and high seating position, the Citation XLS offers the perfect balance between performance and luxury. It has the largest baggage compartment in its class and can operate from smaller airports. The XLS is also one of the most comfortable mid-size jets available and can operate on short runways. 

Citation XLS + Private Jet Charters

A Citation XLS has numerous luxury features and options. The aircraft’s cabin features an enclosed private washroom and a fully-stocked refreshment center with ample space for eight passengers. Advanced noise insulation helps keep the plane quiet and comfortable, and it’s equipped with advanced avionics and an entertainment system. This is an excellent choice for a business jet for anyone who needs to travel frequently.

The XLS performs like a light jet and can fly in and out of small airports with shorter available runways. This agile flight performance is completed by all the interior comforts of a midsize jet – with seating for 12 in some configurations. Citation XLS+ models are configured for 9 passengers and 2 pilots.

Cessna Citation XLS & XLS+ Specifications

This midsize corporate jet charter can climb to cruising altitude in just 18 minutes and rise to its flight level of 43,000 feet in just twenty-five minutes. The Citation XLS can cruise at 429 knots, making it a seamless flight on a premier business jet. Additionally, the Citation XLS has the shortest takeoff distance of any midsize plane at 3,560 feet. Landing distance requirements are additionally neat at 3,180 feet.

The maximum range for the Citation XLS is 2,100 NM (Nautical Miles). The cabins feature a stand-up height of 5’8″, while the interiors are 5’6″ wide.

Citation XLS Midsize Jet Charter

This excellent business jet charter features a baggage capacity of 87 cubic feet and a full-style lavatory for its onboard passengers’ comfort. This first-class aircraft combines transcontinental range and remarkably efficient performance—Charter the Citation XLS, an exceptional private jet, from JetOptions.

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