Citation X Jet Exterior
Citation X Jet Interior


8-12 Passengers

82 Baggage Capacity

525 Airspeed

3,460 Range

5.6 Cabin Width

5.8 Cabin Height

25.2 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Citation X

The Cessna Citation X is the fastest civilian aircraft in the sky, cruising just shy of the sound barrier at Mach .92, making it a top choice for corporate jet charters across the country. As an elite business jet charter, the Citation X runs the mile in just six seconds and will streak from L.A. to New York in about four hours — saving as much as an hour compared to more conventional business jet charters.

The latest models from the Cessna 750 family, the Citation X+ are even faster with  a top speed of Mach .935

Cessna Citation X+ Private Jet Charters

The wings of this premier private jet charter are swept back 37 degrees, more than any other business jet for speed. Yet, the Citation X still provides exceptional stability at slower speeds for superior runway performance. While the unique wing produces significantly less drag, it also further improves the corporate jet charter’s surprisingly conservative fuel consumption.

Citation X and X+ Specifications

Bring all the baggage you need and still keep the cabin of this private jet charter’s cabin clutter-free. The tailcone storage compartment is heated, pressurized, and large enough to hold a minivan-load of luggage.

  • Seating for 2 crew members and 8-12 passengers.
  • The maximum speed is 525 knots or approximately 605 miles per hour.
  • Maximum Range is 3,070 nautical miles for the Citation X, and IFR Maximum Range for the X+ models is 3,460 nm.
  • Fly at high-altitudes with a certified flight ceiling of 51,000 feet.

The Citation X has two Rolls-Royce AE3007C1 engines. While the cabins avionics are Honeywell Primus models. Fly higher and faster than ever before on a chartered Super-Mid Citation X, or Citation X+ with JetOptions Private Jets. Call us for a custom price or use our simple request form below.

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