Citation X Jet Exterior
Citation X Jet Interior


8-9 Passengers

82 Baggage Capacity

525 Airspeed

3,460 Range

5.6 Cabin Width

5.8 Cabin Height

25.2 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Citation X Jet Charter

The Cessna Citation X is the fastest civilian aircraft in the sky, cruising just shy of the sound barrier at Mach .92, making it a top choice for corporate jet charters nationwide. As an elite business jet charter, the Citation X runs the mile in just six seconds and will streak from L.A. to New York in about four hours — saving as much as an hour than more conventional business jet charters.

The latest model from the Cessna 750 family, the Citation X+, is even faster, with a top speed of Mach .935.

Cessna Citation X & X+ Private Jet Charters

This aircraft has wings that are swept back 37 degrees, which is more than any other business jet. This allows for a super fast jet charter experience while still maintaining exceptional stability at slower speeds, resulting in superior runway performance. The unique wing design produces significantly less drag and contributes to surprisingly conservative fuel consumption for this corporate jet charter.

X and X+ Specifications

Feel free to bring all the baggage you require on board a Citation X. The tailcone storage compartment is sizeable enough to accommodate an entire minivan’s worth of luggage and is pressurized and heated. The interior cabin is 25.2 feet long, with a width of 5.6 feet and a height of 5.8 feet. This aircraft can seat a crew of two and has the capacity to accommodate between 8 to 12 passengers, based on its configuration.

  • Citation X’s Maximum Speed is 525 knots or approximately 605 miles per hour.
  • The Maximum Range is 3,070 nautical miles for the Citation X, and IFR Maximum Range for the X+ models is 3,460 nm.

When you fly with Cessna’s X plane, achieve a high-altitude flight with a certified ceiling of 51,000 feet. Allowing faster flight with less air resistance in high atmospheres. The X  has two Rolls-Royce AE3007C1 engines equipped with FADEC, an aerodynamically optimized area-ruled fuselage designed with Computational Fluid Dynamics, and an airframe featuring area-ruled wings and a T-tail, also designed with CFD. The glass cockpit includes a Honeywell Primus 2000 EFIS avionics suite for optimal performance.

These elements combine to create an aircraft that can reach speeds up to Mach.92 while maintaining superior fuel economy compared to similar aircraft from other manufacturers. With transcontinental flight ranges a reality, the X is an impressive feat of engineering.

X+ Models

The Citation X+ is a private jet that was released in 2014. It has upgraded engines, advanced avionics systems, and a newly designed exterior. This aircraft has remarkable speed, range, and payload capabilities, which make it one of the most versatile and powerful in its class. Additionally, the elliptical winglets enhance their high-altitude performance, making them suitable for hot deserts and mountainous regions. All of these features, combined with passenger comfort, make it unmatched by any other super midsize aircraft in its class.

Interior Cabin

The Citation X’s specifications cabin is both spacious and comfortable, accommodating eight passengers in a standard club four seating arrangement and offering all the amenities expected of modern business jets. With its full-length stand-up aisle and light-filled space with luxurious tan leather executive seats and dark wood burled veneer accents. There is also an Airshow moving map, international satellite service, an entertainment center complete with HD TV/DVD player, and fully enclosed lavatories.

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