Citation V Ultra

Citation V Ultra Jet Exterior
Citation V Ultra Jet Interior


6-8 Passengers

76 Baggage Capacity

493 Airspeed

1,780 Range

59 Cabin Width

55 Cabin Height

185 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Citation V Ultra

The Cessna Citation V Ultra is a light jet that is one of the best-selling business jets of all time. Excellent for short flights, it combines outstanding take-off and landing performance. The Citation V Ultra has a range of 1,780 nm. Standard seating for seven and an eighth place is available through the belted lavatory seat. The Citation Ultra also features recessed tables and a full refreshment center. In 1993, Cessna decided to update the Citation V design and announced the Citation V Ultra. The Citation V, Citation Ultra, and Ultra Encore are the largest straight-wing members of Cessna’s highly successful Citation family.

Citation V Ultra Specifications

Citation V Ultra is a stretched version of Citation II, with 406 cubic feet of cabin space with an additional 76 cubic storage feet. The jet also features an enclosed cabin and boasts a range of 1,960 nautical miles. Another advantage of Citation V is that it offers the lowest takeoff and landing speeds in its class. The aircraft’s super-critical wing and quad flaps help it fly smoothly and safely. This allows the pilot to be in total control on short takeoffs and standard slow landings. The aircraft also offers good climb performance, with powerful engine thrust reversers. In short, Citation V is a great choice for short hops from major cities.

Cessna Small Cabin Charters

The cabin of the Cessna Citation V is spacious and comfortable. It has a maximum cabin volume of 292 cubic feet and can seat up to eight passengers. The Citation V’s cabin is also one of the quietest light private jets. Its temperature control system is two-zoned, which helps reduce the possibility of drafts and noise.

The aircraft’s interior offers first-class entertainment with flat-panel entertainment systems and audio jacks in each seat. It also has a fully enclosed aft lavatory, which includes a lav and seatbelts. Its interior has ample storage space and a refreshment bar for convenience.

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