Citation V Ultra

Citation V Ultra Jet Exterior
Citation V Ultra Jet Interior


8 Passengers

76 Baggage Capacity

493 Airspeed

1,780 Range

59 Cabin Width

55 Cabin Height

185 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Citation V Ultra

The Cessna Citation V Ultra is a light jet that is one of the best-selling business jets of all time. Excellent for short flights, it combines outstanding take-off and landing performance. The Citation V Ultra has a range of 1,780nm. There is standard seating for seven and an eighth-place available through the use of the belted lavatory seat. The Citation Ultra also features recessed tables and a full refreshment center. In 1993, Cessna decided to update the Citation V design and announced the Citation V Ultra. The Citation V, Citation Ultra, and Ultra Encore are the largest straight wing members of Cessna’s highly successful Citation family.

Citation V Ultra Specifications

The Citation V is a stretched version of the Citation II, with 406 cubic feet of cabin space with an additional 76 cubic storage feet. The jet also features an enclosed cabin and boasts a range of 1,960 nautical miles. In 1994, the Ultra was named Flying magazine’s “Best Business Jet.” The Citation Ultra was produced from 1994-1999.

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