Citation Sovereign Jet Exterior
Citation Sovereign Jet Interior


9 Passengers

100 Baggage Capacity

446 Airspeed

2,920 Range

5.5 Cabin Width

5.7 Cabin Height

25.3 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Citation Sovereign

Charter the Citation Sovereign, a super-midsize jet with coast-to-coast range, impressive speed, outstanding short-field performance, and the largest double-club cabin in its class. Cessna Citation Sovereign is a high-performing and reliable business jet. It can travel coast-to-coast and is exceptionally fuel-efficient. It is also highly versatile, capable of taking off and landing from as low as 3,530 feet. The Citation Sovereign model entered service in 2004 and ended production in 2013. The Sovereign+ model succeeded it.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Specs

This super-mid jet has a certified ceiling of 47,000 ft. in 27 minutes, a take-off distance of  3,530 ft., and a landing distance of 2,600 ft, the Citation Sovereign is a capable and versatile jet that can fly you coast to coast non-stop. Also known as the Citation 680, the Citation Sovereign charter features 9 typical passengers and up to 12 maximum configurations. The aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 529 miles per hour and a range of 2,920 nautical miles. The Citation Sovereign is the second largest model in the Citation line. A Citation X charter has greater take-off weight and range, while the Sovereign is more fuel-efficient.

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