Citation Sovereign Jet Exterior
Citation Sovereign Jet Interior


9 Passengers

100 Baggage Capacity

446 Airspeed

2,920 Range

5.5 Cabin Width

5.7 Cabin Height

25.3 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Citation Sovereign

Charter the Citation Sovereign a super-midsize jet that boasts impressive coast-to-coast range, outstanding short-field performance, and the largest double-club cabin in its class. Cessna Citation Sovereign is a highly reliable and efficient business jet that can travel long distances without refueling. The Sovereign was designed to bridge the gap between Excel/XLS and Citation X, providing an exceptional range, speed, and runway performance balance within the mid-sized aircraft category. It is often described as a stretched version of Excel with best-in-class baggage space, making it an excellent option for trips to ski resorts and golf courses.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Specs

The Citation Sovereign is a versatile super-mid jet that can fly coast to coast nonstop. It has a maximum range of 2,920 nautical miles and a maximum cruise speed of 529 miles per hour. With a certified ceiling of 47,000 ft, it can reach that altitude in just 27 minutes. The aircraft requires a takeoff distance of 3,530 ft and a landing distance of 2,600 ft. It can accommodate up to 9 passengers in typical configurations and up to 12 passengers in maximum configurations. The Citation Sovereign is the second largest model in the Citation line, with the Citation X being larger but less fuel-efficient.


Passengers of the Sovereign will delight in its modern cabin featuring modern interiors, sleek chestnut wood finishes, and wide leather seats, making their flight more accessible and more relaxing. The Sovereign aircraft features comfortable double club seating with 180-degree swivel seats and executive tables, 16 windows to let in natural light, an Epic CDS avionics suite from Honeywell, powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C turbofan engines that deliver a takeoff thrust of 5,600lbs for takeoff and an ability to traverse all 50 states on one tank of fuel. 


The Citation Sovereign provides exceptional long-range flight capability and short-field performance, making it an excellent mid-size business jet choice. With spacious cabin dimensions and strict safety regulations, this twin-engine jet makes a perfect choice for long-haul business journeys or family vacations. In addition to its impressive runway capabilities, the Sovereign offers a spacious cabin and outstanding luggage capacity for its class. Its ample baggage compartment can easily hold all your ski equipment, golf clubs, or sound and video devices.


The Citation Sovereign is a remarkable aircraft that can take off and land from runways as short as 3,530 feet. The Sovereign model was introduced in 2004, and production ended in 2013, after which the Sovereign+ model succeeded it. The updated Sovereign+ became available in 2016, and both versions remain highly sought after due to their spacious cabin, transcontinental capabilities, and industry-leading short-field performance.

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