Citation III

Citation III Jet Exterior
Citation III Jet Interior


9 Passengers

61 Baggage Capacity

543 Airspeed

2,054 Range

5.5 Cabin Width

5.7 Cabin Height

18.4 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Citation III

The Citation III, a top choice for private jet charters, is regarded as one of the fastest jets in the mid-sized jet category. Since this popular business jet charter came out, the Citation III (CE-650) mid jet has much to offer in versatility and reliability.

Citation IIIĀ  Private Jet Charters

With a cabin volume of 438 cubic feet, the spacious interior of this corporate jet charter can accommodate up to nine passengers, while at the same time providing a generous baggage compartment. There is an available 61 cubic feet of baggage space, making it convenient for all business jet charters across the country and the world. Best of all, travel in this luxury private jet charter is extremely quiet due to its compliance with the FAR part 36 noise standards. This corporate jet charter has an excellent safety record and is very economically savvy to charter.

Citation III Specifications

The Citation III, a premium business jet charter, features two Honeywell TFE731-3B-100S jet engines, which deliver a smooth and swift flight at a generous range. One of the best features of this private jet charter is that it is fast and seamless. The Citation III was designed for optimal speed as the body utilizes lightweight composites wherever possible, and smooth, bonded metal surfaces to cut down on drag. This corporate jet charter climbs quickly to its flight level of 43,000 feet where it can cruise at a maximum speed of .81 to .83 Mach (468 knots). Its maximum range with four passengers is 2,920 miles (2,054 nautical miles). Complete with all the traditional amenities and a full style lavatory, the Citation III has all the comfort and conveniences its elite passengers require. You can charter the Citation III, a superior private jet charter, from JetOptions.

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