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Citation CJ2

Charter a Citation CJ2 Jet from JetOptions
Charter a Citation CJ2 Jet from JetOptions
Passenger Capacity 6
Airspeed (mph) 481
Range 1075
Baggage Capacity 74 cu. ft.
Cabin Width 4.8
Cabin Height 4.8
Cabin Length 14.1
Lavatory Style Enclosed
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The Cessna Citation Jet 2 or CJ2 is quite fuel-efficient, with an average fuel burn of 140 gallons per hour. The economy of its fuel burn can be largely attributed to Cessna’s choice of engines. It uses two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-2C turbofan engines, each of which delivers 2,400 lbs of thrust on takeoff. The CJ2 can take off in 3,420 feet at sea level, or in 5,080 feet on a runway at an altitude of 5,000 feet. It takes seventeen minutes to climb to 37,000 feet. At its maximum certified flight ceiling of 45,000 feet it reaches its long-range cruise speed of 352 knots. Its high-speed cruise is 407 knots. All of the cabin pressurization systems (certified to 8.9 psi) are controlled digitally, able to maintain a sea-level cabin pressure at 23,586 feet. The CJ1 is extremely easy to fly and can be single-pilot operated. The most surprising result of the significant increase in payload is that, despite the additional weight, the CJ2 is 30 knots faster than the CJ1 and has a range of 1,700 miles (1,480 nautical miles) further while carrying four passengers, 440 miles further than the CJ1. The cabin typically holds six passengers and has a total volume of 248 cubic feet. Its three baggage compartments can carry a total of 1,100 pounds of luggage, all but 100 of which can be stored outside the cabin for a less cramped cabin. The cabin is 50 cubic feet larger than the cabin of the CJ1, allowing for one seat more than the CJ1. The seats are typically laid out in a club arrangement with two forward-facing seats. You can charter this jet from JetOptions.

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