Challenger 605 Jet Exterior
Challenger 605 Jet Interior


8-14 Passengers

115 Baggage Capacity

562 Airspeed

3,879 Range

8.2 Cabin Width

6.1 Cabin Height

28.5 Cabin Length

Fully Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter the Bombardier Challenger 605

Indulge in unmatched luxury and efficiency by choosing the Bombardier Challenger 605 for your charter needs. This distinguished heavy business jet can accommodate 8-14 passengers with various seating configurations. Business executives prefer the Challenger 605 for domestic and international flights due to its spacious and quiet cabin, among the widest in its class. This aircraft exemplifies corporate aviation luxury, with most new models purchased for $21M (USD).

Challenger 605: Optimal Comfort and Specifications

Opt for a charter in the Challenger 605 and indulge in over 1,000 cubic feet of cabin space designed for comfort and productivity. The aircraft boasts a 7-foot flat floor and a 6-foot ceiling height, creating an inviting environment for professional teams. Its capability for eight-hour nonstop flights and a capacity for up to fourteen passengers positions the Challenger 605 as an exemplary choice for corporate travel.

Cabin Amenities and Features

The modern interior of the Challenger 605 features large windows for ample natural light, six-foot standing headroom, and spacious seating areas. Whether you’re flying with colleagues or clients, the cabin’s design ensures a premium travel experience, enhanced by abundant work surfaces and a fully enclosed lavatory. For those seeking the finest in private jet charters, JetOptions Private Jets offers the ultimate Challenger 605 experience.

Performance and Specifications

  • Cruising Speed:  Achieve speeds up to 414 miles per hour (488 ktas) with the Challenger 605, ensuring swift and efficient travel.
  • Baggage Capacity: With 115 cubic feet of total baggage capacity, you can travel without compromising on luggage space.
  • Cabin Dimensions: Enjoy a cabin width of 8’2″, a usable width of 7′, a standing height of 6’1″, and a cabin length of 28’5″.
  • Advanced Wing Design: The super-critical wing configuration enhances stability and speed, coupled with a 200-pound payload increase over its predecessor.
  • Fuel Economy: Benefit from improved fuel economy for cost-effective operations.
  • Flight Range: Cover distances up to 3,756 nautical miles nonstop, perfect for long-haul journeys.
  • Maximum Altitude:  Reach new heights with a maximum altitude of 38,500 feet, cruising above commercial traffic.
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: With a limit of 48,200 lbs, the Challenger 605 is robust and capable.

Charter the Bombardier Challenger 605 with JetOptions Private Jets for a custom-tailored, luxurious flying experience. Contact us today for your personalized quote and embark on your next journey with unparalleled elegance and performance.

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605 History

The Challenger 605 is a business jet that replaced the CL-604. It was certified in 2006 and entered service in 2007. The Challenger 605 was inspired by Bill Lear’s LearStar 600 design, which was sold to Canadair. Today, Bombardier is one of the world’s leading companies in business aviation.

Bombardier’s Challenger 605 was introduced in 2007 as an upgrade to the Challenger 604. An evolution of the 604 models was introduced with significant upgrades to its design and a new avionics suite. The Challenger 605 lasted until the model year 2015 when the Challenger 650 replaced it.