Challenger 601 Jet Exterior
Challenger 601 Jet Interior


10 Passengers

115 Baggage Capacity

528 Airspeed

3,380 Range

8.20 Cabin Width

6.1 Cabin Height

28.30 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Challenger 601

The Bombardier Challenger 601 is a luxurious and spacious corporate jet that offers a comfortable flying experience to travelers from all over the world. With its wide-bodied fuselage, it can accommodate up to nineteen passengers in its 8.2-foot wide cabin. It also has a transcontinental range, which means it can fly nonstop between practically any two cities in the United States. When purchased new, these jets sold for $18M (USD). Newer Challenger models from Bombardier are the Challenger 604 and Challenger 605, newer business jets with an enhanced range of 4,000 nautical miles.

Challenger 601 Private Jet Charters

This heavy business jet offers a flight system that is highly reliable and easy to maintain. The 601 series comprises of two variations: the 601-3A and 601-3R. The two variations share everything except for the engine, a T-tail, and a tail cone fuel container. The 601-3R is the most recent version and replaced the 3A in 1993. The Challenger 601-3R was in production until 1996. The different variations of the 601 are:

  • CL-601-1A: fine-tuned version including winglets to minimize drag and even more powerful General Electric CF-34 engines.
  • CL-601-1A / ER: 601-1A retrofitted with an additional fuel storage tank in the tail.
  • CL-601-3A: an engine with a higher flat score and a glass cabin. This was the initial version marketed by Bombardier.
  • CL-601-3A / ER: 601-3A with an extra, optional fuel tank in the tail.
  • CL-601-3R: the tail tank was made standard, and airline-designed “unsided” engines (no left or right) were made use of, matching exactly what was utilized on the CRJ.

Bombardier Challenger 601 Specifications

As formerly pointed out, the cabin of this private jet charter is uncharacteristically large.  The cabin’s width is 8.2 feet, height is 6.1 feet, and length is 28.3 feet. Passengers take pleasure in a peaceful, well-lit interior. This heavy corporate jet normally has a seating configuration that conveniently holds between eight and twelve people but can be configured to carry as many as nineteen.

  • The Challenger 601-3R can take off at 6,050 feet (at sea level) and has a cruise rate of 460 knots.
  • The range of the 601 is up to 3,585 nautical miles nonstop.
  • The maximum altitude is 38,400 feet.
  • The cabin of the Challenger 601-3R is ranked at 8.8 psi, implying that it could keep a sea-level cabin at 23,200 feet.

The Challenger 601-3R is an impressive private jet that offers exceptional efficiency despite its larger cabin and heavier Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) of 45,100 pounds, which is much higher compared to other large-cabin private jets. This jet is an improved version of the already amazing Challenger 601 and is perfect for regular cross-country trips even under strenuous conditions. It is reliable, comfortable, and high-performing, making it an ideal choice for many heavy jet passengers. The nonstop flight abilities of this jet are almost limitless within the U.S., which is particularly useful for many passengers who require long-haul flights.

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