Challenger 350 Jet Exterior


8-10 Passengers

106 Baggage Capacity

528 Airspeed

3,660 Range

7.2 Cabin Width

6.0 Cabin Height

28.7 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Bombardier Challenger 350 Private Jet Charter

The Bombardier Challenger 350 is a super-midsize business jet with a range of 3,660 nautical miles (4,211 miles) and a cabin that can seat up to ten passengers. This aircraft is an upgrade of the Challenger 300 and has an enhanced cabin design with flat floors, stand-up ceilings, and larger windows.

Challenger 350 Specifications

With a range of over 3,600 miles (5,800 km), you can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Hawaii or New York to Seattle.

The cabin of the Challenger 350 features a flat floor and comfortable seats that recline to an almost entirely flat position for sleepers. The Challenger 350’s large windows let in more natural light, reducing fatigue. The aircraft also includes an excellent HD cabin management system, enabling passengers to control and access all electronic devices through a single touch screen. It also features Wi-Fi, USB ports, and power sockets to power your laptop or other electronic devices. Additionally, you’ll find a Blu-ray player and on-demand movies on the plane’s two bulkhead screens so that you can watch movies or watch TV without having to leave your seat.

Challenger 350 Private Jet

The Challenger 350 charter has cabin amenities like the Airshow System, Cabin Speakers, CD Stereo, DVD Player, Full Refreshment Center, Fully-Enclosed Aft Lavatory, Headsets, Microwave, Power Outlets, Talk-and-Text Technology, Telephone, Video Monitors, Warming Oven, and Wi-Fi.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Specs

The Challenger 350 is a highly efficient aircraft for business travelers, with its impressive range of 3,660 nautical miles. It measures 7.68 meters long, 2.19 meters wide, and one and a half meters high. Moreover, the Challenger 350’s interior features a standard acoustic curtain, a galley, and a fully-equipped lavatory. The cabin is also the quietest in its class.

About the 350

The interior design of the Challenger 350 is equally impressive. The cabin features an angled touch screen, large windows, and a fully enclosed lavatory. It has nine seats and has the quietest cabin in its class. Moreover, the Challenger 350’s cabin has exquisite finishes and sleek styling. The Challenger 350 offers unmatched versatility. Its performance, range, and field performances are unmatched, and its overall value is unmatched. This aircraft is ideal for business travelers and luxury travelers alike.

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