VIP Airliners Charter

VIP Airliners typically seat over 30 passengers and may be powered by turbofans or turboprops. These luxury jets are equipped with lavatories, stand-up cabins, pressurization, overhead storage bins, and reclining seats, and have a flight attendant to look after the in-flight needs of the passengers. All airliner flights are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 and Part 121 air carriers.

The luxury private jets you can charter with us include:
  • BBJ 1
  • ACJ 318

VIP airliner prices per hour start at around $18,000 (one of several factors that determine the final charter price)

Airbus ACJ318

Airbus ACJ318

Capacity: 8-19 passengers
Airspeed: 560
Range: 4,200 nm

View the Airbus ACJ318
Airbus ACJ319

Airbus ACJ319

Capacity: 8-18 passengers
Airspeed: 629
Range: 7,000 nm

View the Airbus ACJ319
Boeing Business Jet BBJ

Boeing Business Jet BBJ

Capacity: 16+ passengers
Airspeed: 486
Range: 6,141 nm

View the Boeing Business Jet BBJ
McDonnell Douglas MD87

McDonnell Douglas MD87

Capacity: 19 passengers
Airspeed: 504
Range: 3,955 nm

View the McDonnell Douglas MD87