Airbus ACJ319

Airbus ACJ319 Jet Exterior
Airbus ACJ319 Jet Interior


8-18 Passengers

202 Baggage Capacity

629 Airspeed

7,000 Range

12' 1" Cabin Width

7" 4' Cabin Height

78" 9' Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Airbus A319 Business Jet Charter: Ultimate Comfort and Reach

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and reach with an Airbus A319 business jet charter, the ideal choice for long-haul flights accommodating large groups. Boasting extraordinary comfort and superior performance, the ACJ319 can fly nonstop over 6,500 nautical miles, far surpassing standard private jets. This remarkable range allows passengers to traverse New York to Tokyo or London to Doha without interruption, making it a favored aircraft for corporations, sports teams, and families engaging in worldwide travel.

VIP Airliners

Derived from the robust 120-seat A319 commercial liner, the ACJ319 has been reimagined from its airline-grade origins to a VIP marvel in private aviation. Recognized for its reliability in commercial use, the Airbus 319CJ, when tailored for VIP service, is replete with luxurious amenities on par with the finest bespoke business jets. With the capability to take off fully loaded from runways as short as 1,850 m (6,070 feet) and ascend to a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet, the ACJ319 effortlessly soars above adverse weather, ensuring a smooth journey.


The crowning feature of the ACJ319 is its expansive cabin, offering customization to align with clients’ unique specifications. From a high-density configuration seating up to 19 passengers to a lavish setup comprising lounge areas, dining rooms, and offices, the ACJ319 affirms its position as the premier jet for affluent globetrotters.


Airbus 319CJ clients have access to an impressive avionics suite, including advanced Flight Management Systems from Honeywell and Sextant Avionique and sophisticated radio systems from industry leaders like AlliedSignal and Rockwell Collins. Connectivity options abound, with features like ADS-B transponders and satellite communication link-ups ensuring constant connectivity. The ACJ319 boasts a flight range that outstrips typical business jets. Intercontinental travel becomes seamless, capable of 15 hours of flight without the need for refueling and with the option for additional fuel storage in the cargo hold.

Business Jet Airliners

While the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), based on the renowned 737 series and introduced in 1967, stands as a competitor, the ACJ319 distinguishes itself with an extended cabin and enhanced performance metrics. This makes the Airbus ACJ319 an attractive alternative for those searching for a sophisticated and powerful intercontinental business jet. As a member of the A320 family, the ACJ319 is available for charter, lease, or purchase by companies, sports entities, celebrities, and state leaders, representing the pinnacle of group air travel.

Charter Airbus ACJ319

The Airbus ACJ319 is a VIP airliner twin-engine jet manufactured by Airbus. The ACJ319 carries 8 to 18 passengers, depending on configuration, and has a maximum range of 7,000 nautical miles. Charter an Airbus A319 Business Jet for your next group excursion and experience the zenith of airborne luxury and functionality. Experience the Airbus ACJ319 from JetOptions Private Jets.

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A prevalent presence in Western Europe, Asia, and the Middle East reflects the ACJ319’s status as a prestigious emblem for government officials and dignitaries. The United States also presents a significant market for this elite airliner, highlighting its global appeal. Charter the ACJ319 VIP Airliner from JetOptions Private Jets today.