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Our Fleet of Available Private Jets and Charter Aircraft

View information, specifications, photos and videos of private jets within the different classes of aircraft available for charter. Our private plane rental categories include very light jets, light jets, mid jets, super mid jets, heavy jets, airliners, VIP airliners, luxury private jets, executive and business jets for charter.

Heavy Jets, Large Jets, Heavy Cabin Jets

Heavy Jets offer large interior cabin spaces, stand up height and comforts such as a fully equipped galley and separate living areas. These planes can comfortably fit between 8 to 18 passengers depending on their seat configuration. Many also have berthable seats and sofas that fold flat to provide cozy sleeping accommodations. This aircraft class will also have substantial baggage space. Select your desired large or super-large plane from manufacturers like Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer, and Gulfstream.

Long Range and Ultra-Long Range Heavy Jets

These jet types are generally used to fly cross-country or for international travel. Heavy Business Jets have the range for nonstop transoceanic travel with a maximum travel distance of up to 12 hours flight time or around 6,000 miles for the ultra long range jets. All of the large and heavy cabin jets include an enclosed restroom (lavatory) and a fully-equipped kitchen (galley) with room for preparing and serving food and drinks. All flights have a flight attendant on board. Heavy jet hourly charter rates start at around $5,100.00.

Super Mid jets, Super Midsize Cabin Jets

Super Mid Jets are a step up from the mid jet category, and they are designed to comfortably accommodate eight to nine passengers with generous space for baggage. These planes also have ample standing and walking room compared to small and midsize cabin jets. A flight attendant can be made available upon request.

Super Mid Business Jets Flight Range and Prices

All super mid-size cabin jets include an enclosed lavatory and typically have a full galley like the larger heavy aircraft class. There is room to prepare and serve food and drinks with or without a flight attendant on board. Ideal for longer trips including domestic and transatlantic travel. Their maximum travel range is up to seven hours flight time or 3,500 miles in optimal conditions. Super mid jets hourly charter rates start at around $3,900.00.

Mid Jets, Midsize Cabin Jets

Mid-Size Jets are designed to comfortably accommodate six to eight passengers. With a smaller galley and less baggage space than super mid jets, they are ideal for trips within the contiguous states.  Mid-Cabin Jets are perfect for your next city pair trip, or to fly between states nonstop. Select aircraft available from Citation, Legacy, G150, Learjet, and Hawker.

Mid-Jet Flight Ranges and Rental Rates

All Midsize Cabin Jets include an enclosed lavatory and generally have a small galley. They also feature a more comfortable interior arrangement and a taller cabin than the small cabin jet. With a maximum flight range of up to five hours air time, or 2,200 miles in optimal conditions you can arrive at more than 5000 general aviation airports. These planes typically do not include a flight attendant. Mid Jets hourly charter rates start at around $2,900.00.

Light Jets, Small Cabin Jets

Designed to comfortably accommodate six to seven passengers with modest baggage space. They are best suited for shorter trips where your destination is up to three hours flight time or around a 1,400 mile distance, in optimal conditions. Some light jets include an enclosed lavatory. None have a galley or include a flight attendant. Light jets are usually the most cost effective choice for in the jet category. Light jets hourly charter rates start at around $2,000.00

Very Light Jets

Seating 4 to 8 passengers, Very Light Jets provide a more affordable means of air travel through the more than 5,000 small community airports throughout the United States. Take a look at one of the jets below for its specifications.

Turbo Props

Propeller aircraft powered by a jet engine. Turboprops have a pressurized but small cabin for between 4 and 7 passengers (there are turboprops with higher capacity), and mostly without a stand-up cabin. Range limitations and relatively high cabin noise make turboprops better for the use of flight legs of up to 2 hours. Although turboprop aircraft generate a lower speed than jet equivalents, they are more economical due to greater fuel efficiency and offer more access to smaller airports with limited runways due to their short take-off and landing distance capabilities. A turboprop engine will power the same size cabin over the same distance for less fuel than a jet and at a lower speed. Turboprop hourly charter rates start at around $1,700.00.

VIP Airliners

VIP Airliners are the ultimate in luxury private aircraft travel for larger groups of passengers. They have a true cabin height of over 6 feet and have a range north of 6,000 nm thereby flying nonstop to almost anywhere in the world. They have a capacity of upwards of 19 passengers.


Airliners typically seat over 30 passengers and may be powered by turbofans or turboprops. Airliners are equipped with lavatories, stand up cabins, pressurization, overhead storage bins, reclining seats, and have a flight attendant to look after the in-flight needs of the passengers. All airliner flights are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 and Part 121 air carriers.