First Embraer Legacy 650 available for charter in the United States

Recently the first Legacy 650 became available for charter in the United States. Call JetOptions if you would like to charter this beautiful 13 passenger heavy jet.

The Legacy 650 has truly redefined the large jet category with its incredible range, comfort and productivity. As an extended-range version of the legacy 600, the jet offers the same spacious three-zone cabin, but with better fuel efficiency through structural and technological modifications.

Legacy 650 for charter

Accommodating up to 13 passengers, the 650 has the largest cabin – with three truly separate zones – the largest galley and the largest lavatory in its class. A fully accessible inflight baggage compartment with 240 cubic feet, and interior storage capacity of 46 cubic feet allows for travel in absolute comfort.

The 1,650 cubic feet of living space has 22 large well-distributed windows allowing for plenty natural lighting. The interior is composed of clubs seats and sofas, which convert into 6 sleeping positions for long distance flights. Equipped with Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management System, showcasing a full HD video system, high definition media input, cabin WiFi, blu ray players, XM radio, full HD LCD 32” monitors, and individual monitors. The Swift Broadband high-speed data connection with up to 432kbps transfer rate, inflight phone system with worldwide coverage and a conference table area all provide the perfect environment for both en route productivity and outstanding inflight entertainment.

Embraer’s Legacy 650 increased performance is a result of enhanced aerodynamics and the new Rolls Royce AE 3007A2 engines, enabling the 650 to have lower fuel consumption than its predecessor, while producing 12% more power. With a normal cruising speed of Mach 0.78 (high speed of Mach 0.80), an operating ceiling of 41,000ft and its 3,900 nautical mile range, transatlantic missions are carried out with ease, connecting New York to London and Chicago with Lima.




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