Frequently Asked Questions

Can JetOptions save me money compared to other charter services?

Yes. Upon completion of each trip, we sum up the costs. If we saved money on flight time, fuel costs, airport fees, and various other factors, we REFUND the difference to our customers. We call this Fair Value Pricing.

How many airports can JetOptions aircraft fly to?

JetOptions can reach over 5,000 private, commercial, municipal, and commercial airports in the USA. Commercial flights only reach 550 airports in the U.S.

Are your private jet charter experts available 24 hours and seven days a week?

Yes, and 365 days a year. You’ll always reach a private jet charter expert who can assist you and handle your requests.

Does JetOptions charter jets and fly internationally?

Yes, and our customers appreciate that we can offer the perfect, long-range aircraft for any international itinerary, whether it is to Europe, Asia, Mexico, Africa, or wherever your business or personal travel takes you.

Which aircraft type should I choose for my private jet charter?

When you call us, e-mail us, request a quote via our website or our App, we’ll provide some aircraft options and recommend the best type that suits your requirements. While we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular aircraft type, we will do whatever we can to provide an aircraft that meets all your trip requirements.

How far in advance do I have to call to charter a private aircraft from JetOptions?

We can get you an aircraft within two hours. However, we are subject to aircraft and crew availability. Typically, if you contact us to make a charter reservation two weeks before your flight date, we will have sufficient opportunity to provide the aircraft of your choice. For peak travel times, such as holidays, however, “the more notice, the better” is a good guideline.

How does a private jet charter differ from traveling on commercial airlines?

Chartering a private jet provides you with numerous advantages that commercial airlines cannot duplicate, such as:

  • Reserve your private jet charter for the time that best fits your schedule
  • Reach any one of 5500 airports, versus 550 for commercial flights
  • Depart with no security lines, and arrive without a baggage claim
  • Your aircraft with your co-passengers only. Travel is private and secure and as productive as you choose
  • Visit multiple cities within a day, maximizing time and efficiency

How does the cost of a private jet charter compare to first-class commercial airlines?

Private jet charter is typically more expensive on a per-seat basis. However, private jet charter makes a lot of sense if you analyze its costs against all the hidden costs of commercial travel, such as:

  • Eliminate the wasted time and stresses of long lines, crowds, cramped seating, and the inconsistent service that you’ve come to expect from commercial airlines
  • Save time by traveling closer to your ultimate destination, often eliminating the need for overnight stays
  • Trim hours (and even days) off your travel time by increasing the number of cities you’re able to visit in one day
  • Decrease the per-person cost by filling every seat in the aircraft
  • Enjoy productive time with your colleagues
  • Feel secure in the confidentiality of your materials and discussions

Will there be other passengers on my charter flight?

No. When you book a private jet charter with JetOptions, a private jet is exactly what you get. Only you decide who will be on the aircraft with you.

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