FAA-USDA sign biofuels agreement

Air transport industry stakeholders welcomed the signing of an MOU between the US Department of Agriculture and the FAA last week to develop aviation biofuels from forest and crop residues and other green feedstocks.
Boeing VP-Environment and Aviation Policy Billy Glover called the five-year agreement “welcome news for the commercial aviation industry, which sees sustainable biofuels as a key element of its plan to lower carbon admissions.” Glover noted that Boeing is working with USDA and Air Transport Association on the “Farm-to-Fly” initiative, “which seeks to encourage the production of sustainable aviation biofuels through US agricultural policy. The USDA-FAA partnership will further help in that regard.”
ATA President and CEO James May said, “After formally launching the ‘Farm to Fly’ initiative just three months ago, [Agriculture] Secretary Vilsack has taken a leadership role in this significant endeavor for aviation and for rural America.” He added that the programs “will provide investors, farmers, bankers and US energy companies with the confidence to invest in these proven, green technologies.”

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