FAA: Pilot Fatigue Rules Coming for Part 135 Ops

AIN reports that the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is “deeply concerned” that language the FAA uses in the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for Part 121 airline hour-of-service (fatigue) regulations mischaracterizes Part 135 operations. According to NATA, “The FAA states that ’Part 135 operations are very similar to those conducted under Part 121,’ and that the Part 135 operator should ’expect to see an NPRM addressing its operations that looks very similar to, if not exactly like, the final rule the agency anticipates issuing as part of this rulemaking initiative.’” NATA president James Coyne said, “The fact that the statement came from our aviation regulatory authority makes me wonder just how familiar the FAA is with the makeup of the Part 135 community and question the agency’s commitment to honoring the letter and spirit of rulemaking guidance that requires the FAA to consider the specific costs, benefits and regulatory alternatives that may be appropriate for different types of operator.” The FAA confirmed to AIN that it considers Part 135 operations to be “very similar” to those conducted under Part 121.

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