Executive Private Jets

JetOptions Executive Private Jets Offer A Luxurious Office In The Sky

Executive Private Jets

JetOptions executive private jets are available for all your business needs. Travel is more convenient, faster, safer, and more luxurious when using a private executive jet charter. When you need an office away from the office or a home away from home, every detail has been cared for when you fly with JetOptions.

Executive private jets are generally small aircraft that transport you and your team to wherever you need to be. Convenience is important to you. When you’re flying for official business, use executive private jets to arrive at your destination faster than with a commercial aircraft. This is not just due to the aircraft’s speed, but because the airport- the to-flight process has been culled down to the most important factors. Professionalism, privacy, and efficiency are our highest priorities. You can conduct meetings in an entirely private setting. With wi-fi in-flight, you can even have a virtual conference call on your flight, although your colleagues may be envious of you!

Executive Private Jets Serve All Your Needs, Both Business And Pleasure

With comfort being key, you have your own dedicated, large space. Staff members on private executive jets provide unparalleled service. These members are highly trained, have versatile skills, and are premium staffers. Consider getting an in-flight full-body massage following your big meeting. You could even have an acupuncturist or yoga instructor onboard your executive private jets. There’s no need to miss out on your regular health routines just because you’re traveling. In fact, some staffers on executive private jets are more specialized than on-the-ground staffers.

Personalized In-Flight Services

When using private jets for executives, convenience is a major concern. JetOptions provides 24/7 concierge service. We arrange ground transportation, medical staff escorts, security, lodging, and all else you may require. You’re avoiding the long lines of the airport and the endless bustling crowds. Better, you completely bypass the indignity of airport security, such as the radiated x-ray scanners or the ever-entertaining pat-down.

Executive Flight Catering

When on executive private jets, you avoid horrible airport food and, even worse: plane food. Surely you want to be satiated for a long work schedule ahead. You can eat local cuisine, exotic fare, or your favorite dish. If your jet includes a kitchen, food is fresh prepared in-flight.

You’re flying in a five-star hotel in the air. You arrive and depart at your leisure with private jets for executives. And speaking of recreation, you sit in stately, comfortable chairs. These chairs can recline and have foot space—you can rest in luxury. Thirsty? Sip handmade cocktails—or two or three. If you need to bounce back from your cocktail indulgence, you may even have a shower on board to be fresh for your business meeting. More, there may be a bed on your executive private jets, so you are completely rested for whatever lies ahead.

Find out more about executive private jets for charter at JetOptions. ARGUS and Wyvern Registered aircraft at our rental, private jets fleet page. Book today by calling, emailing, or by using our quote request form.

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