Empty Leg Flights

JetOptions Offers Empty Leg Flights and One-Way Charters

Empty Leg Flights

With JetOptions providing platinum-level service, all your private jet charter needs will be met and exceeded. With extensive experience for clients with discerning taste, JetOptions allows you to be at work and leisure. Their team offers you 20 + years of combined aviation experience and expertise. By using empty leg flights, you can have a luxurious experience at a more cost-efficient price.

Fly Private with an Eye on Economics

There are many benefits to flying private, including avoiding the hassle of the airport and being able to tailor your flight to your needs. Flying private is more relaxing than flying commercially, offers you more room than a regular flight, and allows you to fly exactly to your expectations. With all this in mind, you still want to travel economically, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Empty Leg Flights Are Economical And Convenient

Empty leg flights, “Deadheads,” or “dead legs,” are an ideal way to save money on your private flight, potentially saving a substantial amount of money. An Empty Leg is created when a client flies one way. The plane must still return to its origin or another airport at the expense of the carrier. This cost can be astronomical for the carrier—consider the cost of fuel, crew members, and aircraft maintenance.

Instead, you can book that empty leg flight at a significant price reduction. One must be aware that these flights were previously booked by another client so that they are configured to the taste of that person. You may be beholden to a particular schedule for arrival, departure, or both, much like flying commercially, but so much better. You can’t be as choosy about what aircraft you’re flying, and you may depart or arrive at a secondary airport. These details are negotiable. Remember that availability of empty leg flights fluctuates. Also, empty leg air charter flights are one-way only.

You can view JetOptions current listing of empty leg flights here.

Empty Legs Offer Cost Savings for Flexible Travelers

While these empty leg or one-way flights were initially set up to accommodate their first clients, you can still enjoy all the benefits of flying private. You’re traveling in luxury at a deeply discounted price. There is the option of driving up to the plane, avoiding security, and bringing what you like on the jet. You have ample legroom in a plush reclining chair, and you may even have a bed. You have a private bathroom that is groomed and maintained. There may be staff on board. You can eat whatever kind of cuisine you choose. Your pets and children can enjoy having their space, all on empty leg flights.

On an empty leg flight, you’re able to have an adventure, but without paying full price. More, the price of the trip isn’t contingent on passengers. Considering this, you could invite a group of friends or colleagues for a high-flying adventure at a reasonable cost when you split the trip between multiple passengers.

Find out more about empty leg flights at JetOptions, check our current listings, request a quote, or email our charter team today.

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