Eclipse Reveals More Details of New Very Light Jet E550

Eclipse Aerospace has actually exposed even more details of its $2.695 million Eclipse 550 twinjet to AIN. CEO Mason Holland claimed that, while the 550 will continue to use the exact same airframe and engines as the EA500, there will certainly be a number of cockpit, cabin and system changes. Avionics upgrades to the Innovative Solutions & Support flight deck feature man-made and improved vision, sharper shows, a different avionics standby show device, twin integrated flight administration systems and autothrottles. The new internal plan for the passenger cabin components higher-grade piped leathers, finished carpets, additional sturdy table and cupholder accessories, much better hand rails, a new one-piece cabin headliner that enhances aesthetics, transportable web server, iPad and Bluetooth connectivity and a brand-new intercom system for pilot-passenger interactions. New plane will likewise be fitted with anti-lock brakes. Holland claimed Eclipse recently ended tiredness testing that must remove the present 10-year/10,000 – hour/10,000 – cycle airframe life limit. “We’ve validated to 20,000 patterns or more than 40 years of typical usage,” he told AIN. Eclipse intends to add three company-owned solution facilities in the U.S. this year, delivering the overall number to 6 (six company-owned and one independent). Holland expects the first 550 to come off the line in July.

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