Eclipse Aerospace Announces Safety Enhancement Package

Eclipse Aerospace announces a new package of safety enhancements available for existing Eclipse Jet owners. The new Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) includes Anti-Skid Brakes, Auto Throttles, a new, independent standby display, and improved EFIS software, including the ability to display full size charts on the current Multi-Function Displays.

“As part of the new Eclipse 550 certification process, we have identified an opportunity to make available several of these new features to our existing fleet of Eclipse Jets. These new enhancements are available to all Eclipse aircraft owners who have upgraded their aircraft to the Avio IFMS system,” stated Mason Holland, CEO of Eclipse Aerospace. “Offering upgrades to our existing fleet where practical shows our commitment to the continuing support and improvement of the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet aircraft, already regarded as one of the safest, most economical aircraft in aviation today.”

The Safety Enhancement Package introduces Auto Throttles, an industry first for the very light jet category, an anti-skid braking system, and an integrated standby display which presents airspeed, altitude, and attitude information on a high resolution 3.25” x 4.3” display. These three new features on the Eclipse Jet are being offered in order to enhance the excellent safety record of the Eclipse fleet.

The EFIS software will add a number of new features including transition from Terminal to Approach with fewer button presses, improved handling of IFMS transitions, performance pages for takeoff and landing, full size terminal charts with Vertical Situation Display, keyboard cursor control, auto-tuning, checklists, fuel timing to each waypoint, E-Chart overlay on the active waypoint, and more.

“The Anti-Skid Brakes, in preliminary flight tests, have demonstrated the ability to bring the Eclipse Jet to a complete stop in less than 800 feet with normal runway conditions,” stated Cary Winter, SVP of Manufacturing, Engineering, & Technical Operations for Eclipse Aerospace.

The Safety Enhancement Package is built upon the Eclipse Avio IFMS avionics system and is available for existing owners of Eclipse IFMS aircraft as an add on package. Eclipse Jet owners are encouraged to contact Eclipse Aerospace directly for more details including pricing and availability.

Eclipse Aerospace Announces Safety Enhancement Package for Eclipse Jets


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