EASA Grounds Falcon 7X, FAA Action To Follow

The EASA today grounded the Dassault Falcon 7X, via an emergency Airworthiness Directive, following a runaway pitch trim event experienced in one of the trijets yesterday during descent. According to the EASA, the crew successfully recovered the aircraft to a stable flight profile and performed an uneventful landing. However, the incident prompted Dassault to ask the EASA to ground the 7X “out of an abundance of caution.” An FAA spokeswoman told AIN that the U.S. agency is “looking at issuing something similar” to the EASA emergency AD, though it has yet to actually do so. “Dassault Falcon’s preliminary analysis of information downloaded from quick access recorder and the fault history database confirms the event but did not enable us to determine its origin,” the French aircraft manufacturer said in a statement. “Dassault has dispatched a team of experts to research the cause and to create a solution, both of which will require further investigation.” The 112 Falcon 7Xs in the worldwide fleet have accumulated more than 75,000 flight hours, and Dassault said this is the first event of this nature that’s been reported since the aircraft entered service in 2007. A posting on a professional pilot message board indicated that the incident occurred in Malaysia, but neither the FAA nor Dassault would confirm this to AIN.

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