Fly by private jet charter, Telluride with JetOptions, and enjoy everything the San Miguel Mountain town offers. Telluride, the famous mountain ski and outdoor recreation town is also well-known as a skier’s paradise with high-terrain slopes and year-round natural beauty. It’s the home of film festivals, high-altitude golf, and yearly outdoor events, bringing visitors to experience its charm.

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Telluride, Colorado, has one primary airport and one secondary airport to meet private jet travelers’ needs flying into or departing Telluride. Montrose Airport is open through most winter weather conditions. Request JetOptions no-obligation private jet charter quote today. 

Private Jet Charters at Telluride Regional Airport

Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) is a commercial facility with limited commercial service and private jet traffic. The airport has reserved hangar space, de-icing, rental cars, and ground transportation services northwest of downtown Telluride.

Telluride Private Jets

Telluride Regional Airport is Northwest of Telluride and Mountain Village, Colorado, on Highway 145. The airport serves San Miguel County, which includes Telluride and Mountain Village ski and snowboard slopes. Montrose Airport, or Montrose Regional Airport, is in Montrose, Colorado, 67 miles from Telluride. At a lower altitude than Telluride’s, this airport is open during unfavorable weather higher up. 

Telluride Airport Location

TEX is six miles from the world-class mountains above Telluride’s downtown. Highway access is simple to the legendary ski and snowboard terrain of Telluride Mountain. The greater region contains many five-star hotels, fine-dining restaurants, hot springs, and golf.  

Telluride Regional Airport

The Telluride Regional Airport is in San Miguel County and serves the Telluride and Mountain Village resorts. The flight path for Telluride is both challenging and stunning. It’s estimated that approximately 20% of private flights divert during the winter due to sudden weather changes. Other elevation airports, like Sun Valley Airport, have similar arrival statistics during the winter months. 

On arrival and departure, your jet will fly through high-elevation terrain of 14,000 feet. JetOptions closely follows flight weather conditions before takeoff and landing for this and other reasons.

Private Jet Charters Montrose Airport

North of Telluride is the Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ), and like TEX, this airport’s movements are primarily private jets and some commercial flights. They also have a single FBO, Atlantic Aviation. MTJ has two long runways, precision instruments, and high-intensity lighting beacons to assist in weather conditions. 

It isn’t easy to choose from the many attractions and activities with so many things to do when you fly by private jet charter to Telluride! Visit our jet destinations for Colorado and beyond! Call or email JetOptions today for your next private jet charter booking for Aspen, Telluride, and Vail.

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Telluride In-Demand Private Jet Flight Routes

For summer, look to Telluride as your high-altitude escape. Flights from Dallas and Austin arrive at TEX in about 2 hours. Were you looking for the perfect winter ski and snowboard holidays? Fly from Los Angeles and touch down in Telluride in under 2 hours, while the flight time from a New York private jet charter comes in around 4 hours.

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Are you traveling light for a Spring or Summer jet charter? One of the Light-Jets or Mid-Jets from the charter fleet may be just what you want—bringing the whole family, golf clubs, skis, and snowboards. Look to our bigger Super-Mid Jets or Heavy Jets to hold all your equipment.

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