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Take a private jet charter to Mexico City with JetOptions, and you’ll find a city with lush forests, rich culture, fascinating history, and stunning artwork. When you fly private to and from the capital, you can fly into the Toluca Adolfo Lopez Mateos International Airport. This airport can serve your private jet for flights in and out of metropolitan Mexico City.  Toluca is the primary alternate airport for the famous Mexico City International Airport. With the runways at capacity at MMMX, this is your airport of choice.

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Flying the Toluca Airport, it’s found 30 miles from the financial district of Sante Fe, and it has the longest runway in all of Mexico. At 13,780 feet, it’s capable of handling the most jumbo long-range, ultra-long-range heavy jets and airliners. There is also a full contingent of fixed base operators (FBOs) on the ground to meet every need of passengers and planes. There are currently eight private FBO terminals and a full complement of ground transportation, town cars and limousines, and helicopters for transit into the city. In addition to the fixed base operators, there are fueling services and maintenance for every aircraft need.

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When you take a charter private jet to Mexico City, you’ll find a mix of the best 5-Star luxury hotel names alongside boutique properties found only in the city. Shopping and dining abound with an impressive mixture of well-known names and local cuisines within the city’s distinct districts.  Compared to some other cities around the world, there are values to be found. Currently, to the American dollar, you’ll get approximately 20 Mexican pesos. That can only mean one thing; you’re going to reap the benefits of some exchange-related discounts. Think about traversing the neighborhoods, wining and dining more luxuriously than ever, and cruising the city for less each day. Besides, when you take a private jet charter to Mexico City, you’ll find that it’s such a smooth flight to get to your destination, and it’s a mere 5-hours nonstop from New York Teterboro.

Go to Mexico City to eat some delicious local and even foreign cuisine. Of course, you have taco stands that are common throughout the city. But other stands specialize in everything from quesadillas to churros—and all of them are the best you’ve ever had. Fast food is inexpensive, and you can get a three-course meal for less than $3 (US). Mexico City even has excellent sushi and middle eastern food. The city is also experiencing an important gastronomic renaissance, with many chefs opening new restaurants.

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When you touch down in the city, its inhabitants are well-known for their friendly attitude. They are hospitable and welcoming, even though there are more than 20 million residents in the town. Also, the city is progressive and very cosmopolitan.

You can’t take a private jet charter to Mexico City without seeing the ancient ruins and pyramids. You can see the layers of history all over the city. The remains of the famous Tenochtitlan are stunning. The name itself is thought to mean “among the prickly pears growing amongst rocks.” It used to be the capital of the ancient Mexica civilization founded in 1325. Visit the Palacio Nacional, and you’ll see Diego Rivera murals painted between 1929 and 1951, and you’ll also find the offices of the President of Mexico and the Federal Treasury.

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