There are countless reasons to choose private jet charters for Geneva. Aside from its international reputation, this Swiss city is home to the United Nations, world-class outdoor recreation, unmatched cultural opportunities, and lavish dining. The city is also a hot spot for antiques and fine shopping, blending old-world elegance and luxury into the perfect getaway for the most discerning travelers. Private jet charters offer the best experience in these areas and remove commercial travel hassles.

Private Jet Charter Geneva

A private jet to Geneva is the perfect way to experience the city’s enchanting beauty. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, the city is surrounded by the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Cointrin Airport, located in Geneva, is the ideal spot for private jet charter services. The airport is home to a variety of handling companies on the Swiss side. In addition, the airport has been recently updated for business aviation. Situated on the French-Swiss border, this airport can be reached from either country and is surrounded by spectacular mountains, world-class ski resorts, and international business organizations. The airport is less than 20 minutes away from Geneva city center by car.

Private Jet to Geneva

As a central financial hub and gateway to the French and Swiss Alps, Geneva is an excellent European private jet destination year-round. Numerous diplomatic and global companies are based in Geneva, making it a perfect place to enjoy the art, culture, and scenery. There are 30 museums and galleries to explore, and if you’re traveling in the winter, you’ll have no trouble finding snow-covered mountains for skiing. You can even bring your ski gear along with you on the jet!

Geneva International Airport

You’ll find many FBOs in Geneva for your private jet charter flight. Geneva International –  Cointrin Airport is about three miles from downtown and has many private terminals.  The long single runway manages aircraft movements approximately every 90 seconds between 6 AM to 12 PM.

Visit Geneva Switzerland

Another reason to travel by private jet in Geneva is to experience the jet d’Eau. This fountain is Geneva’s most famous landmark. This impressive fountain shoots water up to 140 meters (600 feet) and back to Lake Léman. It’s powered by two pumps and can carry up to 7 tons of water. Unsuspecting guests at the fountain—from the left’s bank stone jetty—may be surprised and soaked after changes in wind direction. If you don’t want to get wet, don’t fret. From a height of fourteen kilometers, you can see the jet d’Eau.

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Geneva Travel & Events

Geneva is one of the most popular private jet destinations in Europe. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there is a private flight to suit your needs. The historic old town is a great attraction for visitors. Guests can enjoy guided tours of the palace, the original home of the League of Nations. Geneva is the home of the European annual business aviation convention, EBACE. It also hosts the International Geneva Motor Show. In addition to these events, Geneva is an essential center for world leaders and is home to the headquarters of several international organizations.