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Dassault Falcon 5X will be unveiled on first day of NBAA 2013

September 13th, 2013

The Dassault Falcon 5X will succeed the Falcon 2000, according to a document the French government released yesterday morning. The new Falcon is part of the next generation of aircraft mentioned in the “new industrial France” project, introduced by French president François Hollande. According to a countdown clock on Dassault Falcon’s website, the French aircraft manufacturer will unveil a new business jet next month at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas. 38 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes and 34 seconds. Or if you prefer, 12:00 on October 22nd – that’s when Dassault will take the covers off its much-anticipated Falcon 5X. With an internal job launch at Dassault in July 2007 under the SMS name, the Falcon 5X has actually been kept carefully under wraps, with the French airframer keeping tight-lipped and little info leaking out from inside the business. What is known is the engine option for the new aircraft, with the originally prepared Rolls-Royce RB282 replaced by twin Snecma Silvercrests, the same engine that will power the upcoming Cessna Citation Longitude. The Silvercrests for the Longitude have been pegged at 11,000 Lbf, a full 1,000 Lbf below that of its design optimum. The RB282s originally picked are known to be rated at 10,000 Lbf, nonetheless Dassault is eager for the Falcon 5X to have good climb to cruise and initial cruise performance, so the Silvercrests that power the aircraft will need to be a minimum of 11,000Lbf to match those on the Longitude. With 2 engines the airframe will resemble that of the present Falcon 2000 series, although Dassault has stated in the past that the airframe will be smaller than the one currently in production Falcon types. That sets the Falcon 5X as a replacement for the Falcon 50 household, and places the aircraft in the exact same classn as the Gulfstream G280, and upcoming Bombardier Challenger 350. To compete in this category the Falcon 5X will need to have a range between 3,200 nm and 3,500 nm, with Dassault keen not to go over this optimal range so as not to jeopardize potential sales of the bigger Falcon 2000 family. The aircraft will be flown making use of Fly-By-Wire controls that are now basic on throughout all Falcon aircraft, and will come with winglets fitted as standard. Auto-throttles will also be standard, so the airplane can fly steep approaches into airports like London City Flight terminal. Dassault has actually released little information regarding the airplane itself, but they have been quite forthcoming with information concerning project time-scales, with first air flight targeted in 2014, and entry into service in 2016. Gus Lira, Vice President of JetOptions and NBAA member will be attending the unveiling of the aircraft at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas on October 22nd.

Dassault Falcon 5X will be unveiled on first day of NBAA 2013


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