Corporate Jet Charter

Corporate Jet Charter

There are Many Options When Flying on a Corporate Jet Charter

Flying private is a privilege not everyone can have, but by flying a corporate jet charter, you can provide luxury, privacy, and efficiency to your business and associates. With JetOptions providing platinum-level service, all your corporate jet charter needs will be met and exceeded. In addition, with extensive experience with clients with discerning taste, JetOptions allows your company to be at work and leisure with our 20 years of combined aviation experience.

On JetOption’s jet charter fleet page, you can view options for all of your corporate jet charter needs. These include all aircraft specifications such as passenger capacity, baggage capacity, cabin measurements, lavatory style, range, airspeed , and jet photos. Also, there is a list of all the corporate jet charters available, and you can request a quote directly on the website.

Tailor Your Experience When Flying On A Corporate Jet Charter

There are many different options to tailor your corporate jet charter needs, including very light jets, light jets, small cabin jetsheavy jets, large jets, heavy cabin jets, mid jets, midsize cabin jets, super mid jets, and super-midsize cabin jets, turboprops, VIP airliners and more. When you want to fly the whole team out on a corporate jet charter, use an airliner. An airliner seats over 30 passengers and includes lavatories, stand-up cabins, pressurization, overhead storage bins, reclining seats, and a flight attendant.

Heavy Jets for Corporate Charter

For heavy jets, large jets, and heavy cabin jets, 8-18 passengers can be on board. Many seats on this corporate jet charter can fold down so you can get some much-needed rest. Further, this plane can accommodate a lot of baggage and is generally used for international flights. These jets also include a fully equipped kitchen and room for preparing and serving food and drinks and include a flight attendant .

Light Jets for Corporate Charters

Light jets and small-cabin jets can accommodate 6-7 passengers with modest baggage space. These jets fly for up to 3 hours of flight time and are suitable for shorter itineraries.  These jets include an enclosed lavatory, but none have a full galley or flight attendant .

Mid-Jets and Mid-Size For Corporate Jet Charter

Mid jets and midsize cabin jets can accommodate 6-8 passengers and usually fly domestically in the U.S., with a maximum travel time being 5 hours. These jets include an enclosed lavatory and a small galley but usually don’t have a flight attendant.

Super Mid Jets and Super-Midsize Jets

Super mid jets and super-midsize cabin jets can accommodate 8-9 passengers and travel domestically and abroad. With a range of up to 7 hours of flight time for your corporate jet charter experience. An enclosed lavatory and a full galley are included, with generous standing and walking room. Flight attendants are available upon request.

Light Jets and Turbo-Prop Planes

For modest corporate flight needs, a turboprop plane accommodates 4-7 passengers. Most turboprops do not include a stand-up cabin. This plane category is used for a 2-hour flight range. Very Light jets can also be used for shorter trips, seat 4-8 passengers, and fly domestic routes.

Long Range and Ultra-Long Range Jets

VIP airliners seat 19 passengers and have a cabin height of over 6 feet. These jets have the range to fly cross-country and across the globe.

Fly a corporate jet charter and experience luxury in flight with JetOptions. Book your next charter flight by call, email, or with our simple quote request form.

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