Corporate Angel Network Reaches 40,000th Cancer Patient Flight

White Plains, NY— May 7, 2012 — Ronda Carter flew on Corporate Angel Network’s 40,000th flight from her home in rural North Carolina to meet with a breast cancer specialist in New York.

When asked about today’s flight, she said:  “Cancer can make a person feel singled out in a negative way.  Being the 40,000th passenger makes me feel singled out in a wonderful way.  It’s my first trip with CAN and my first corporate flight for treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering after being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in January.  I’m proud to be a milestone passenger.”

This 40,000th flight was provided by one of the more than 500 corporations that fly cancer patients to treatment as part of the Corporate Angel Network.  Often a patient’s best treatment option is located hundreds of miles from home.  CAN gives patients access to specialized treatment that would not otherwise be available.  The organization arranges free air transportation for cancer patients traveling to recognized cancer treatment centers throughout theUnited States by using the empty seats on corporate aircraft that are already flying to those destinations.  A staff of six, with the help of 35 volunteers, works to match patient requests with the flight schedules of more than 500 participating CAN corporations.

JetOptions is a member of the Corporate Angel Network. For information on how to donate or help, go here.




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