Cirrus Vision SF50, Elvis Presley’s Private Jets up for Auction, Gulfstream’s New Symmetry Flight Deck

Cirrus Vision SF50 Seats 7 Passengers and has its own Parachute

The Cirrus Vision SF50 incorporates all the functionality of an SUV with the high-end luxury of a business jet. This is an exclusive jet that’s excellent for the millionaire family man.

Cirrus Vision SF50

Cirrus Vision SF50 Seats 7 and has its own Parachute

It’s excellent for family holidays. The Williams FJ33 jet engine has a lot of zest to take you to far-off locations, the Garmin avionics will keep you informed to you where you’re going as well as how to get there, and the SiriusXM satellite radio will certainly keep everybody entertained the entire trip.

The Vision is smaller sized compared to a regular personal jet– a lot smaller. With just a 38-foot wingspan and at 3,700 pounds when empty, the jet is a lot smaller compared to also the smallest that Gulfstream has to offer, which has a 55-foot wingspan and weighs in at 14,400 pounds when empty.

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Elvis Presley’s private jets up for auction

Two of Elvis Presley’s private jets are up for auction after spending three decades on display at his Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennessee.

Neither the vintage Convair 880, dubbed the Lisa Marie after Presley’s daughter, or smaller Lockheed JetStar, known as Hound Dog II, are deemed airworthy.

Elvis Presley Lockheed Jetstar

Elvis Presley’s private jets up for auction

But for devout fans of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, who would have been 80 this Thursday, the two aircraft have afforded a unique glimpse into his jet-setting lifestyle.

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 Gulfstream’s New Symmetry Flight Deck

Five years ago in an office with limited access to just a handful of Gulfstream employees, project pilots Scott Evans and Scott Martin began outlining the design of an advanced flight deck for their company’s new G500 and G600. The resulting design—the Symmetry flight deck—not only expands the envelope of avionics interface and infrastructure design but also shows how manufacturers are taking advantage of new engineering options to make flying safer and more efficient.

Gulfstream’s New Symmetry Flight Deck

Gulfstream’s New Symmetry Flight Deck

In this new Gulfstream flight deck it is clear that there is no effort to edge pilots out of the cockpit and replace them with technology. What the new design does is simplify the pilot interfaces, including replacing many knobs and switches with touch screen controls and eliminating the massive control yoke in favor of a new type of sidestick control that makes the cockpit look much less cluttered, improves the view of the instrument panel displays and helps keep pilots in the control loop.

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