Charter Jet Services

JetOptions Charter Jet Services

Charter Jet Services

JetOptions is a leading provider of charter jet services.  Our jets are available for executive, business , and private chartered flights in the U.S. and internationally. Travel is faster, safer, and more luxurious when using our private air charter services.

Select All Sizes of Jets for Private Charter

When using charter jet services with JetOptions, you can fly many categories of craft. We have rental airliners, heavy jets, large jets, heavy cabin jets, light jets, small cabin jets, mid jets, midsize cabin jets, super mid jets, and super-midsize cabin jets, turbopropsvery light jets, and VIP airliners.  These aircraft carry 4-30 passengers, have diverse flight ranges, may have a cabin crew, and many include a fully equipped galley.

When you use charter jet services at JetOptions, there is a multitude of services offered. We have jet aircraft charters at any place, 24/7, often in two hours or less. In addition, point-to-point pricing is frequently available on routes from small private planes to large, heavy jets.

Your Flight, Your Choice

You have the freedom to select the exact aircraft make and model for each trip, no up-front capital outlay, and our commitment to passenger safety. We have 24/7/365flight operations, and we offer access to empty leg flights. Take off from or land at over 5,000 airports and choose from more than 3,500 approved private jet aircraft.

Our Flight Card Program

Additionally, JetOptions offers a flight card for charter jet services. With this prepaid card, you receive a 25-hour card with all-inclusive pricing with fuel and hourly aircraft rates locked for the duration of card use. JetOptions charter jet services have a trip reconciliation program such that if we saved money on flight time, fuel costs, airport fees, and other factors, we refund you the price difference.

Safety Is Important at JetOptions Charter Jet Services

JetOptions charter jet services go above and beyond when it comes to safety, the top priority of our charter jet services company. All aircraft and operators are FAA compliant, and all aircraft are EU-OPS compliant (European commercial certification). These laws govern safety, maintenance, general regulations, and pilot licensure. All staff, including pilots, are hand-selected and highly qualified.  Additionally, JetOptions is registered with ARGUS and Wyvern for all chartered flights.

Wyvern and ARG/US Ratings

The Wyvern and Aviation Research Group (ARGUS) is a leading third-party independent safety auditor specializing in on-site operator inspections with highly rated JetOptions charter jet services. They also ensure that operators and aircraft maintenance crews meet specific requirements. The criteria set by the Wyvern Standard are highly detailed. In fact, of all the aircraft-related fatalities from 1991 to 2009, none involved a Wyvern-approved aircraft or aircrew. All of JetOptions operators must comply with these stringent standards set by Wyvern. JetOptions charter jet services meet and exceed all FAA safety regulations. Flying with us is safer than flying commercially with our expanded flight safety programs. When using JetOptions charter jet services, you’re in safe hands.

What about TripCheq?

JetOptions charter aircraft services host the ARGUS TripCHEQ program, which consolidates aircraft operator specifics and offers a rating of green, yellow or red. JetOptions charter jet services are rated green, as we adhere to the highest standard of safety. Knowing that JetOptions has the highest commitment to security allows you to fly with ease.

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