JetOptions Flight Time Calculator

Use this calculator to view estimated flight times between cities on any size of private aircraft. You can calculate the different flight times by category using the average size and speed of aircraft. The flight calculator can also take windspeeds into account by choosing Live or Seasonal Winds.

Select from Helicopters, Single-Engine Pistons or TurbopropsVery Light JetsLight JetsMidsize JetsSuper Mid Jets, and Heavy Jets. Our range and flight-time generation tool will also produce a list of fixed base operators (FBOs) at the origin and destination airports. 

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You can calculate the estimated flight times between any city pairs in the U.S. or around the world by private jet.

How Fast Does a Private Jet Fly?

Private jets fly an average of 607 mph for aircraft in the mid, super-mid, and heavy jet classes. Very light jets and light jets fly at an average of 449 mph.

What’s the Fastest Private Jet?

The super-mid Cessna Citation X+ flies at just under the speed of sound at Mach .935 or 717 mph.

How do you Calculate Flight Time?

The basic calculation of flight time is distance divided by speed. Planes use knots for airspeed instead of miles per hour, which is a groundspeed measure. The aircraft’s true airspeed (or KTAS, for knots true airspeed) of a plane is the aircraft’s speed compared to the air mass through which it is flying. MPH doesn’t consider wind factors, heat, or humidity, affecting flight times during travel.

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