Charter a private jet from JetOptions to AFC or NFC 2013 championship games

You have tickets to the AFC or NFC championship and you want to see your favorite team go on to Super Bowl XLVII. How do you want to travel to the big game? JetOptions can provide you with a private jet first class flight experience for your trip to the game.  Chartering a private jet saves you time so you and your friends can enjoy tailgating pregame or you can arrive at your convenience close to kickoff time. With commercial travel you need to arrive early at the airport, wait in line to get patted down by the TSA and wait at the airport for your flight to board only to learn that your flight has been delayed or cancelled. Instead of getting a cattle call to board and sitting in those ill-fitting seats, wouldn’t you rather board at your leisure and have more comfortable seating that is often configured so guests sit across from each other? Do you want to fly in a plane full of people rooting for the other team? In a private jet, it’s only you and your guests.

Avoid all the hassles and charter a private jet from JetOptions for the NFC or AFC championship games. In-flight custom catering and ground transportation services may also be added to your itinerary.

(Sale) Sample rates:

Roundtrip private jet charter from San Francisco to Atlanta starting as low as 28k for 7 passengers.

Roundtrip private jet charter from Baltimore to Rhode Island or Boston starting as low as 6k for 7 passengers

Call Gus Lira at 972-764-3563, email us at or fill out our request form to receive a no obligation quote.

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