Cessna To End Citation CJ1+ Production This Summer

Cessna Aircraft confirmed to AIN that it will end production this summer for the Citation CJ1+, the light jet that directly descends from the original CitationJet, which entered service in 1993. The CitationJet was redesignated the CJ1 in 1998 when Cessna added a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 glass cockpit. In 2004, it became the CJ1+ with the addition of Fadec-equipped Williams FJ44-1AP engines and a 100-pound mtow increase. Since the CJ1+ was certified in June 2005, about 100 of the aircraft have been delivered. “As a result of reduced customer demand and as part of Cessna’s previously announced production reductions, production of the CJ1+ has been limited over the past few years,” a Cessna spokesman told AIN. “We delivered three in 2010, and we have scheduled only two for delivery this year. As a result, we are halting future CJ1+ production.” According to Cessna, the final CJ1+–S/N 701–will come off the production line in Wichita this summer and be delivered in September. Cessna “remains committed to continue to support the existing fleet.” The $5.15 million jet sits neatly between the $3.198 million Mustang and $7.044 million CJ2+, leaving a product gap in the Citation line with the CJ1+’s exit. Cessna said it would not discuss any new products that might fill this void.

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