Cessna set to deliver upgraded Citation X in Q2, Learjet 85 Prototype Flying with Structural Health Monitoring System + MORE May 6th


Cessna will certificate the new, higher-speed Citation X in the second quarter after a six-month delay and deliver several production aircraft, says Scott Donnelly, chief executive of Cessna parent company Textron.

Cessna Citation X


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First-quarter revenues at Textron Aviation, which includes Cessna and Beechcraft, were up $77 million, to $785 million, thanks to the mid-March acquisition of Beechcraft, higher jet deliveries and higher aftermarket sales but offset by fewer pre-owned sales and falling revenue at CitationAir. The division recorded a profit of $14 million in the quarter versus a loss of $8 million a year ago, helped by firmer pricing and higher jet volumes…

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Learjet 85 Prototype Flying with Structural Health Monitoring System

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Acellent Technologies said its structural health monitoring system (SHMS) was installed on the Bombardier Learjet 85 prototype–dubbed flight-test vehicle one (FTV1)–before the jet’s maiden flight last month. According to Acellent, Bombardier installed the SHMS on the left and right panel of the composite vertical stabilizer of FTV1. The layered sensor system can detect such things as strain, temperature and pressure…

Accelent ScanPad

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