CEPA EXPO team lands at EBACE in Geneva

As the Central Europe Private Aviation (CEPA) association plans for its 2011 expo in Prague, the team behind CEPA attended Geneva’s 2010 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2010), an event that is in its tenth year, that featured over 400 exhibitors and that JetOptions attended.

“We’re excited to see as many other aviation expos as we can to share experiences with other industry leaders and find the best way to move forward on our own event,” said Dagmar Grossmann, Chairman and founder of CEPA. “Geneva has hosted one Europe’s top expos for the last decade, and we believe CEPA will be able to achieve the same success moving forward.”

CEPA’s expo will connect every aviation expert in the Central and Eastern Europe region in a three-day event that will be the first of its kind in the CEE. Attendees (including JetOptions) will be able to plan their visits with ease, thanks to exhibitions that will be organized according to field, for example, manufacturers, maintenance providers and operators.

“Most importantly, we will have ample facilities prepared for the sole purpose of meetings and negotiations for exhibitors and visitors to make deals and work out contracts,” Grossmann said. The CEPA EXPO will be held Sept. 29-Oct. 1 2011 at the Vodochody Airport in Prague. Organizers expect at least 120 exhibitors with a total event turnaround of 1 million euro. The EXPO will feature aircraft and business jets on display on the exhibition.

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