Bombardier 20 Year Forecast Projects Strong Business Jet Demand Growth + More

Honeywell Aerospace Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

Honeywell Aerospace marked an incredible milestone in the company’s history. 100 years ago, Lawrence Sperry demonstrated the first gyroscopic autopilot and, in the process, gave birth to the science of controlled flight.

Today we can trace our heritage back to the Sperry Gyroscope Company and our other legacy companies including Bendix, Garrett AiResearch, Pioneer, Lycoming, Grimes, King, AlliedSignal, EMS Technologies and many others. I am proud to be part of company that has accomplished so much and to work with so many smart and incredible colleagues – from those who have been with the company for more than 50 years to a generation of young and ambitious interns that join us every

Honeywell Aerospace Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

With an impressive list of “firsts,” Honeywell has made flying and space exploration safer, more efficient, productive and comfortable. Honeywell products, found on virtually every aircraft, are essential to modern-day flight.

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Business jet demand is driven by large-cabin types in Bombardier’s 20-year forecast

Strong business jet demand growth is expected across the light, medium and large-cabin business aircraft sectors over the next 20 years, propelled by “long-term market drivers” such as wealth creation, expanding globalization of trade, replacement aircraft and the increasing adoption of business jet use in high-growth economies including China, Russia, and India. These are the projections in Bombardier’s latest industry market forecast.

Business jet demand driven by large cabin types in Bombardier 20 year forecast

Between 2014 and 2033 the Canadian airframer forecasts deliveries of 22,000 business jets worth $617 billion across the three segments in which it competes with its Learjet, Challenger and Global families. This tally consists of 9,200 deliveries worth $264bn between 2014 and 2023, and 12,800 deliveries worth $353bn from 2024 to 2033, says Bombardier.

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Eclipse 500 PLUS Program a Smashing Success

Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. (EAI) is proud to announce that all 2014 Eclipse 500 PLUS upgrade positions have been sold. In the four months since the program commenced (March 12, 2014), more than 60 Eclipse Jet owners have selected the Eclipse 500 PLUS upgrade for their aircraft. All of these upgrades will be completed in 2014. The Eclipse 500 PLUS program will remain open to all IFMS equipped Eclipse 500 aircraft.

The Eclipse 500 PLUS package gives Eclipse twin-engine jet owners who currently have the Integrated Flight Management System® avionics package installed in their aircraft access to many of the technological and safety advancements developed for, and included in, the Eclipse 550™. Available features include the only auto throttle available in the light jet segment, an electric anti-skid brake system, high-resolution PFDs and MFD, a standby display unit, new glass-faced windscreens, and an improved air conditioning system. The Eclipse 500 PLUS package also facilitates future expansion, including Synthetic Vision, Enhanced Vision, VNAV, RAD ALT, and ADS-B Out.

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