Business Aviation To Have Voice on TSA Panel Again

The Obama Administration has notified NBAA that it will continue to have a seat on the Transportation Security Administration’s Aviation Security Advisory Committee (Asac), along with 24 other industry stakeholder groups. TSA Administrator John Pistole recently noted the “vital role” the Asac plays in balancing real-world security concerns with workable implementation of policy proposals. “In previous administrations, TSA officials have valued Asac in helping address a number of general aviation security issues,” said NBAA vice president for safety, security and regulation Doug Carr. “We are pleased that the current leadership at the TSA and [the Department of Homeland Security] intends to continue including a business aviation representative on the Asac, and we are confident that federal security officials will benefit from the group’s expertise and experience.” The Asac evolved from the original civil aviation security committee, formed in the wake of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988. While NBAA had been a member during past administrations, the November 7 notice from the TSA was the first announcement confirming the committee’s membership during the current administration.

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